WOMEN’S OPEN FORUM- A Gathering where women help other women awaken to their own inner possibilities.

DSCF3131On occasion an event is offered where women of any age or economic situation can benefit. The Women’s Open Forum is one of those occasions. In September, Charlene Ellington was the first speaker about her journey on becoming a Certified Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive; stating “I believe in women helping women empower themselves.”

In October, Maggie Chalifoux, Multimedia Artist, opened her heart to tell us about her life as an artist, and how she reached the level of success she has achieved, reminding us that “I believe every person has the spark of creativity just waiting to be kindled.”

On November 15, I delight in being scheduled to address the subject on how I became the writer I am, and knowing, “Any woman with a desire can become the writer she dreams to be.” Many intuitive and synchronistic moments happened throughout my life. I want to share them with other women to encourage them to pursue their talent, whatever it is. Please spread the word; come join us if you can.

You are invited to an intriguing afternoon – spent with interesting women.

The Gathering Place on Lizard Creek,   115 Magnolia Court, Wildwood Pointe, Littleton, NC

Fee $5.00  Inquiries: Ellie Newbauer: ellienewbauer@gmail.com