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ANNOUNCING. . .my inclusion of “Giving Life and Taking It”

ANNOUNCING…Giving Life and Taking It, my personal story, has been published in Writing Menopause, editors Jane Cawthorne and E. D. Morin. It is now available on Amazon at $22.89 (I think in Canadian money.) I’m honored to be published among such notable writers and groundbreaking editors.
From Amazon: The Writing Menopause literary anthology is a diverse and robust collection about menopause: a highly charged and often undervalued transformation. It includes over fifty works of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, interviews and cross-genre pieces from contributors across Canada and the United States that break new ground in portraying menopause in literature. The collection includes literary work from award-winning writers such as Roberta Rees, Margaret Macpherson, Lisa Couturier and Rona Altrows. Emerging voices such as Rea Tarvydas, Leanna McLennan, Steve Passey and Gemma Meharchand, and an original interview with trans educator and pioneering filmmaker Buck Angel, are also featured. This anthology fills a sizable gap, finding the ground between punchline and pathology, between saccharine inspiration and existential gloom. The authors neither celebrate nor demonize menopause. These are diverse depictions, sometimes lighthearted, but just as often dark and scary. Some voices embrace the prospect of change, others dread it. Together, this unique offering reflects the varied experience of menopause and shatters common stereotypes.

Book Fair/Festival, booksigning, Rosemont Winery


A few more books that will be available with authors onhand…..Rosemont will be hosting a celebration of local authors at the Winery on April 11, 2017 from 2 until 4 PM. Everyone is invited and bring your friends. **Looking through my address book, I see names that I say to myself, oh I’d like to see her/him again. I have something I want to ask…some people might be on other list so please forgive me if you get more than one invite!



Here we go again! Rosemont will be hosting a celebration of local authors at the Winery on April 11, 2017 from 2 until 4 PM. Everyone is invited and bring your friends. **Looking through my address book, I see names that I say to myself, oh I’d like to see her/him again. I have something I want to ask…some people might be on other list so please forgive me if you get more than one invite! Sandra

Rosemont Winery Book Party ~ April 11 2017 2 – 4 PM
Arlene S. Bice – Memoir~ A Nosegay of Violets- A Writer’s Memoir of Psychic Awakening
An ordinary girl grows into womanhood while experiencing extraordinary psychic moments. A very personal story unwraps to reveal secrets held for many years.
Bice is a teacher of poetry and memoir, author of twelve non-fiction books. She is the recipient of the Florence Poets Society Poet of Distinction Award, published in several anthologies, and an award-winning artist. She lives in South Hill VA
Patricia Bortz, – Fiction ~ Hard Truth: Secret of the Back Row
Megan Montgomery isn’t out to save the world, but her best friend, Nadia, is. America is no more. Christians who refuse the “”mark”” are arrested for high treason. Megan trusts Sixtus, the antichrist and President of the New World Order, until his true perverse nature is revealed.
Mrs. Bortz wrote and directed many short dramas and plays for her powerful ministry in prisons, nursing homes and homeless shelters. She was then led to write a full-length play based on the battle of Armageddon. “Hard Truth” was the result. Mrs. Bortz lives in Bracey, Virginia.
Billie Hughes Locke ~ Memoir ~ More Than One Angel,
Her inspirational autobiography, More Than One Angel, was on the Best Sellers List at Winepress Publishing Co. for three years. It chronicles her rise from a destitute teen mother to personal and economic success. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you WILL believe in MIRACLES.
A sequel: “My Grandmother’s Lavaliere” was published in 2013. It features stories of local personalities such as Wanda and Mike Crickenberger from South Hill Glass, Charles and Betty Duckworth from Chase City, Phillip Alston, Richard Nolan, Donna Kempo and others from Southside, VA.
Willoughby Hundley, MD ~ Fiction ~ Elemental Danger

“Elemental Danger” is a fictional mystery based on medical examiner cases in rural Virginia. County Detective Duffer and Dr. Hardy are joined by a curious local reporter as they investigate a cluster of deaths that uncovers an illegal mining operation. Their local lakeside community is threatened by a looming environmental catastrophe. “Ashes of Deception” was the debut book introducing part-time local medical examiner Dr. Hardy and Detective Duffer.

Willoughby Hundley III, MD, draws from his 35 years of experience as a rural medical examiner to create his mysteries. He currently practices emergency medicine and lives with his wife, Lucy, in Boydton, Virginia.

Sandra Martin – Memoir ~ Snapshots ~ Memories and Recipes

These essays and recipes cover a lot of ground. The stories start with a Bracey farm girl, to suburban mother and finally to the life of a NYC literary agent and television producer.
Ms Martin represented clients in the emerging mainstream genres of deep spirituality, ESP and the paranormal, alternative health and then there were the conspiracy books.
Thomas Park – Poetry ~ Looking for ‘Cuda Brown
Looking for ‘Cuda Brown tells the stories of many extraordinary characters Thomas has met over the years.
Mr. Park lives and teaches in Warrenton, NC. He has a M.A. in English from Wayne State University and an MFA from Goddard College in Vermont. He was published in Best New Poets of North Carolina.
Meriwether Shipley -Fiction ~ Cassandra and the GI P.I.: A Dupont Circle Mystery
Cassandra and the GI P.I., a DuPont Circle Mystery, follow the events that lead to a college student’s chance meeting with a P.I. named Harry Shields in October of 1969. He suffers from shell shock which has followed him for 15 years. An unseen foe is trying to kill him. They work as a team to uncover the terrors.
Meriwether Shipley has been an actor, model, producer and director of stage and screen. She now applies her story telling skills to this seven-volume series of books. Ms. Shipley lives in Clarksville, Virginia.
Patrick James Smith ~ Memoir ~ Miles in My Shoes, Years at My Side
“Miles in My Shoes, Years at My Side” is a chronicle of the many supernatural events experienced by one ordinary man, a former deputy sheriff. Time after time, a divine power intervenes to heal and save him, leaving him a stunned witness to his own salvation.
The author, retired from law enforcement in 2004, now writes lyric poetry and lives in rural Virginia with his wife, Jane, son Jordan, and five rescued dogs.