TTOT 21.01.29.

  1. I have a new companion, he’s shy, just moved in, pure black with green eyes and I’ve name him Capt. Midnight. Actually his name is Midnight (exactly like the pure black cat of my childhood) but I’ve knighted him with the title Captain.
  2. My new computer chair that keeps rolling me away from my desk. Love it.
  3. Dear friends clever enough to put my new computer chair together. I’ve been looking at it for 2 weeks wondering how it would be when all parts came together. My friends are so good to me!
  4. Friends who gather together impromptu and talk about books!
  5. Getting on the list for an appointment for the vaccine.
  6. Hot Corn chowder on this snowy day but the snow has disappeared already.
  7. New Jane Austen related  (mystery) books that just arrived for cold day reading.
  8. Coconut oil to use on my hands to keep them from drying out.
  9. For discovering daily journal writing.
  10. The very few photos I have of my ancestors.



Image by Alexander Stein from Pixabay
  1. Dark chocolate any way, shape, or form. Love it.
  2. For the peaceful inauguration day.
  3. Crossword puzzles, especially with themes.
  4. The lab guys and gals who come up with cures and vaccines.
  5. My ancestors and the hardships they overcame.
  6. YaY! The COVID 19 vaccine is available!
  7. Hemp oil for nights when sleep doesn’t come.
  8. Poetry that keeps the blood pressure down.
  9. My new $4 blue light blocking glasses that protect my eyes from too much computer reading.
  10. A hot shower to start the day; something I take for granted and it’s wonderful.


photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

On this Presidential Inauguration Day when so many women have been appointed to positions of power, esteem, including a 22 year old Young Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman, to speak overwhelms me with joy.

To see women finally rising deservedly to positions within companies given titles that actually mean something fills me with joy.

To know that the barriers that were placed before me when I was raising and supporting a family alone, now have holes punched through them, brings me joy.

To see the changes in American life that truly make a difference to intelligent women, makes me sing with joy.

To know more women than ever are starting, running, and succeeding in businesses they created, bursts my heart with joy.

Life has become a joyous marvel!


On a Whim? MonPoePro

window-5850628_1920 pixabay

On a Whim?

It seems sometimes

if not for a whim, nothing,

not a thing would I have done

planning was not a strong suit

had never worked out when I did

so why bother to plan and fret

or stay home and do naught

it’s more fun to just do

a whole life of whim!



A few of my Jane Austen collection
  1. For the opportunity to publish a Jane Austen anthology.
  2. For new, fun books still being published with Jane Austen as the protagonist.
  3. I am thankful that I have traveled much in my life when it was fun to travel.
  4. For all that I learned from people I met through traveling outside the USA.
  5. For the computer that makes it easy to write, share and record my thoughts.
  6. That the perpetrators of the assault on our Capitol are being arrested and charged.
  7. For the milder weather days promising winter may not last too long.
  8. For the responsible people wearing masks and taking the vaccine.
  9. For people who share the beautiful poetry they write that lifts a low heart.
  10. 10.For my new Jane Austen ceramic mug even though it is a left-hander; a gift to me at Christmas.


Photo by Michelle McEwen on Unsplash

When it is truly time for a break, to tear myself away from the computer when the words are flowing so easily saying exactly what I want to say without effort or the delete button and to prevent sore back muscles and eye strain; I look over at my favorite teapot, a gift from a dear friend many years ago.

Yes, I tell myself with no argument from me in return, it’s time!

I put the water on to boil, and when it does, I use some of it to warm the pot, slush that hot water around its innards to heat the sides as well.

My mouth begins to water as my mind alerts me that a wonderful treat is at hand.

I empty the teapot, scoop a healthy spoonful of tea from the canister into the pot and pour in the boiled water, let it steep as the aroma tickles my nose.

No way will I filter out the true taste of my tea by using that horrible, commercial invention called a teabag.



Image by M. Maggs from Pixabay 
  1. Snow. A light snowfall that probably won’t last but seems to cleanse the world around me. My world, my country needs that cleansing right now.
  2. That the poison of the Republican party has risen to the surface and revealed itself to those last few who wouldn’t believe it existed. Now a cleansing of that party can begin.
  3. The present person in the White House is finally leaving, hopefully in a straight-jacket with duct tape over his rather big mouth. May his children follow him out the door.
  4. That the incoming president has the wisdom to select many women and people of various ethnic backgrounds to fulfill the positions surrounding him.
  5. That I have the freedom to write what I believe without recourse.
  6. Hooray for Simon & Shuster for withdrawing a book contract from Josh Hawley resulting from his traitorous behavior shown online for all the world to witness.
  7. For all the writers who have the courage to publish their writing and their books.
  8. For the peace that follows the turmoil of riotous destruction.
  9. For the chance to rebuild.
  10. For the Americans who put themselves in harm’s way to help our country grow, straight, healthy, open-minded, and respectful of others.