1. Lost is Austen film for Jane Austen fans gives me deep belly laughs even though the American version cuts out some great scenes.
  2. Deadlines for February are met.
  3. Bitter cold weather has left us for this year.
  4. Scratching posts for indoor cats
  5. Artists who make life better because of their artwork.
  6. My days last week without electricity are over.
  7. Other writers.
  8. TED talks.
  9. Holidays, all of them, they give us a break in daily living.
  10. All the people in my life.


 Image by magdahertzberg from Pixabay 

Why is the first time for any experience, good or bad, always remembered vividly when brought to mind.

Easily, this one popped into my head with electrifying response from just a word.

I remember this one so well, joyfully, of a foot -long, fat, cardboard tube.

It was placed into my hands with instructions to look into the tiny hole and twist.

I was a youngster of under 10 years of age holding an amazing, new object setting my imagination awhirl.

The kaliedoscope was a world of color, shapes, and marvel, changing as I twirled with such ease, just like my life has done since those early years.



  1. My car, it’s small, it fits me, reliable, has get-up-n-go, doesn’t hog gasoline and it even shows a smiley face.
  2. Poetry- it wasn’t my first choice to write, but it has so many benefits in writing or reading my own or someone else’s.
  3. My writing groups. I dearly love my –two writing groups.
  4. Reading other peoples’ posts. Loving the Jane Austen –related ones right now. I have been a Janeite for a long time.
  5. Re-reading Stephanie Barron’s Jane Austen mysteries-so well written in JA style and vocabulary, intricate story and accurate JA life entwined.
  6. The promise of warmer days ahead.
  7. Being a member of TAF.
  8. The ability to read.
  9. The ability to write.
  10. The new heater I am still paying for a year after it was installed. Thankful for the warmth.