Ten Things of Thankful 21.06.11.

Jane Austen, an anthology of thoughts & opinions
  1. To receive the Jane Austen anthology books I ordered. Yay! I can ship them out to the writers now! I love this book!
  2. Super grateful to the thoughtful person who sent a box of Harry & David assorted dark chocolates to me. Yummy! It’s a wonderful gift I never would have bought for myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  3. For my Tachyon pad that heals sore muscles and keeps arthritis out of my left hand.
  4. For getting back into my yoga routine. My body feels so much better, livelier and more flexible.
  5.  To have my drain pipes unclogged and have the water draining properly.
  6. For my sunflowers seeds popped up and growing!
  7. To have breakfast on the sunporch with the Captain before the sun comes round the bend. He looks for me to be there, goes out the door and keeps checking back to see if I am still there. He is precious.
  8. To be back on my daily walking routine. It feels so good.
  9. To have writing work to do and get paid for it! wow!
  10. For readers of all genres, poetry, essays, memoirs, and prose of any kind.