Ten Things of Thankful 21 oct 2022

  1. Have i mentioned that I am so thankful to have my Soul Tribe in my life. They has been my sage, crone, my go-to persons for answers, reassurance, wisdom, love, guidance, and I could go on.
  2. For my GPS  that easily leads me to wherever, now that I am mastering the way of it.
  3. Tachyon pad that has dissolved me of pain and the arthritis in my right hand and arm, woken up by carrying too many, too heavy bags of books when moving in. It took about 3 weeks of daily attention.
  4. My writing has slipped back into my life and glides along.
  5. Pizza and whoever invented it, altered it, added to it, etc. though on occasion I long for the tomato pie of my youth.
  6. PJs. I’ve never worn PJs, always a nightgown and now I have PJs that are loungewear. Yay!
  7. The humidity of summer is gone….for now.
  8. Love this crisp, chilled weather.
  9. The colorful leaves of autumn that bring beauty to the landscape.

10. The help I received from Family Pharmacy, Farmville that helped me to finally get my heart meds subscription transferred.



APPARITION      Visible form of a ghost.

CHANNELER           Channeling is the process of receiving and relaying information from an                                 outside entity while in an altered state of consciousness. 

CLAIRAUDIENCE      Psychic ability to hear voices and other auditory phenomena.

CLAIRAUDIENT     Also Supranormal, hearing/receiving messages from those  passed over.

CLAIRVOYANCE   Knowledge accessed without the use of physical senses.

COWRIE SHELLS    Porcelain-like sea snail shells considered having mystical powers..

EMF                         Electronic magnetic frequencies that detect disruptions in the area.

ESP                          Extra-sensory perception, beyond physical senses.   

EVP                          Electronic voice phenomena.

GHOST HUNTER     A person investigates ghostly activity usually with electronic equipment.

HOT SPOT                 An area within a haunted place that contains high activity.

K-II                            Reports

EMF                          Measurements in ranges.

MEDIUM                   One who communicates with entities in the spirit world.

ORBS                         Spheres caught by camera that show entities left behind.

PASSED AWAY        Used in place of died because the spirit, or soul, doesn’t die.

PLANCHETTE          A device used to receive messages from a spirit.      

PRECOGNITION      Foresight; intuition.

PHENOMENA          Events that contradict physical laws..

PSYCHOKINESIS    Ability to move an object by thinking about it.

SMUDGING              An age-old tribal tradition used to create cleansing, harmony, and peace                

SYNCHRONICITY  Meaningful, seemingly coincidental events that are life-altering.

TAROT CARDS        Used as playing cards in 1400s Italy; identified as Egyptian “Book of Thoth”

TELEPATHY             Picking up another person’s thoughts.

VEIL                       A layer of skin over the face at birth; indicates psychic perception.  


Living with Ghosts. . . .true stories

Bordentown & Burlington (NJ) Hauntings

Most of my adult life I read books on life after life, life before life, and living with ghostly spirits. They fascinated me, even more so after I began having paranormal moments from time time myself. I never expected to have these experiences. They just happened. I wanted to learn more and to understand what these moments were all about.

            The story in this book of a Bordentown, (NJ) haunting began with Audrey more than 60 years ago. It continued with my, and my mother’s, “moments” and later with Veronica and her children’s experiences. It’s proved to be an interesting lineage.

            I loved that house and living in it from 1972 to 1982. It’s also where I experienced my first peek into the afterlife with the form of a little girl. It was a very sweet, reassuring moment. Here is a small excerpt from Veronica’s teenage daughter Morgan: One morning at 3 a.m., I woke to hear my Ipod blasting! It nearly freaked me out! That has never happened to me before. Someone has to actually press play for it to turn on. It isn’t something that would slip on easily or without actual intent. Another time at 3 a.m.. a man was coughing and making noises like he was right here next to me. I have a cell phone with pictures-mostly black-taken during the night that I didn’t take!


The Ghosts of the Somerville-Graham House

Rose gave me a tour of her home, the Somerville-Graham House, that has seen much history. It is still being replayed over and over, in Warrenton, NC. She filled me in on her weird experiences along the way.

A heavenly white Christmas tree stands in the corner near the fireplace of this front bedroom. It is adorned with white angels, doves and other ornaments all exuding the feeling of peace and joy. It’s breathtaking to look at any time of year. A life-size young girl mannequin stands next to it, as if she is in the middle of trimming the tree. She is as graceful as a sculptured work of art. The scene casts an aura on the room bringing life to it.

Rose said, “I came into this room to clean it one afternoon after guests of ours left. I was in a bit of a hurry. I rushed in then stopped. A vapor was right near the tree. It seemed to be hovering. Maybe it was looking it over, I don’t know. It moved as if it noticed me. It turned toward me, moved again and stopped. Then it moved all the way across the room. I just stood there stunned. All of a sudden I just chuckled and said aloud, ‘Helen is that you? How do you like the tree?’ Then I left it to do whatever I was doing.”

Book offered on Amazon.com

Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful

  1. I am grateful to live where wildlife is a part of the community. A few days ago I watched as a doe came out of the trees to 5 ft. from my window. Graceful, with an inquisitive expression on her face, she made a charming, contented moment for me.
  2. I am grateful that while I am surrounded by forest and field, I am but 10 minutes to the center of beautiful Farmville, VA and 5 minutes to large stores for additional shopping.
  3. The Barbara Rose Johns Farmville-Prince Edward Community Library is lovely, well-stocked, with pleasant, helpful attendants and is only 10 minutes away.
  4. I’ve said it but not mentioned it here. For Grace who has been a rock since my car accident in December.
  5. For Grace for rounding up the Tribe for a birthday celebratory luncheon at 313 Franklin before my final move out of town.
  6. To the so many who have helped me make this move to Farmville. I couldn’t have done it on my own. Much help came in so many little and big ways.
  7. For the staff at Poplar Forest Apartments. They are the kindest, most considerate, and helpful crew who felt like adopted family as soon as I moved in. Plus they are happy folks to be around, too.
  8. I’m thankful for the 18 steps to reach ground level (in front) because it has strengthened my leg muscles again.
  9. I’m thankful for the long, upgrade walking path to get to my Cooper parked under a shade tree at the far end of the parking lot. It helps get me back into physical shape again.

10. I’m thankful for my reading and writing friends and you are one of those.


THE HAUNTED THEATRE, South Hill, Virginia

Ghosts Along the Border (NC/VA)

Have you been the first to arrive, to sit in a darkened theatre waiting for others to come in? Have you wondered  about the sounds coming from behind the curtain? Were they from this lifetime or maybe a long ago actor who died years before but didn’t want to leave? Have you heard about the most famous of all ghosts The Man in Grey. He’s identified as a limping young man in a powdered wig, white ruffled shirt, tri-corner hat, and grey riding cloak.

Inklings of apparitions being seen at the Colonial kept drifting over to me. Finally, a few people agreed to graciously tell me about incidents that have been reported at the gorgeous Colonial Center for the Performing Arts in the heart of South Hill, Virginia.

     Entering into the lobby by the front doors, I glance up at the open stairway. The level opposite the elevator doors is where a lady in a long, brown dress with a bonnet or sometimes just a bun on the back of her head has been seen. Hmm. Actor or devoted theatre goer? Another lady, this one is blonde haired and seen in the offices on the second floor.

     The apparition of a man has been seen walking across the front width of the balcony. A former mayor, who has seen him with his own eyes, has fondly nicknamed him Charley.

     It could be Charley’s steps heard walking across the stage when the stagehands are in the basement and no one else is in the theatre. Some performers will not go backstage alone but most of us know that theatre spirits are there out of a love of acting, not to harm anyone.

     Several people have heard, when no one could be seen, the lady singing on the third floor hallway. Anyone singing loves what they do and that’s not like whistling backstage. That is forbidden!

These stories and so many more. . . .


LIVING WITH GHOSTS True Stories of New Jersey

Excerpt from:
Under the Moon Café’
Estela and Santiago were so successful in their separate businesses that a much larger location was needed for each.  They decided to merge their talents into one location. Under the Moon Café was relocated in the much larger space in the former, long-time location of the Miller-Magowan Men’s Clothing Store on Farnsworth Avenue.
Remodeling is often the first thing to do when buying a building to rearrange it to suit your business. It is also the very thing that wakens sleeping spirits and gets them moving around in an old space. That is what happened in the new location for Under the Moon Café.    
     Santiago’s creative juices started flowing with ideas on remodeling to give the building a totally Under the Moon Café look.
Charlie soon made his first appearance to Estela.
 Estela said,  “There is an old man dressed in all black. He wears a tall hat and a long coat.  I call him Charlie. He plays with the coffee machine. Turn it on. Turn it off. Turn it on. Turn it off. At first I didn’t know it was Charlie. I called the company about the machine. ‘It turns on and off by itself,’ I told them.  They came out to check the machine.
     They said the machine works perfectly fine. Then I knew it was Charlie. I said, ‘Charlie, if you want to play, you can play.’ He played with the cups and the Chimichanga glasses. Not like he drops them, he places them gently. I see them fly through the air but not like being thrown; he does it gently.
     Often when Santiago goes into the basement to bring up supplies, somebody will tap him on the shoulder. He will look over his shoulder.  Nobody is there. At times a strong smell, not unpleasant, will permeate the air. Other times, voices are heard. Employees remark that they, too, experience the same things when they go down there!”  Full story in Living with Ghosts at Amazon.com

Wonderful Happening Today

Hero of the Day

As I left to go to the Food Lion at 7 a m I noticed my front tire on the Cooper was a little low. All the tires on the new cars always look low to me. I noted to check it out when I returned. At 7:30 my tire was nearly flat! Yikes! What do I do now? When I moved to rural NC in 2005 I canceled my membership in AAA because if I had a flat, cars would pull over to fix it for me. Really! I never had to ask for help. It just showed up.

This time I was in my Farmville Virginia apartment complex parking lot and most people had not even left for work yet.  I decided to wait until I stopped in the office at 8 am where a Mental Health Awareness event was taking place. I did. I asked about local garages and AAA was suggested as the best idea. It was super to have folks, Poplar Forest staff, that I trust to discuss this with….me, a stranger here. This crew makes me feel like home, a stranger no more.

At home again, I called. I joined. I became happy. To start with, I know these things happen for a reason. I have no idea why. Joe’s Towing came out in a half hour, not only removed my tire-with-a-nail-in-it but repaired it on the spot!!! Wow! He saved me the cost and time of taking it to a tire shop. I stepped into the not-so-new-century and the new way of doing things. I was impressed with Joe, his quick and good work doing it right and his pleasant attitude so early in the day. Hat’s off to the Staff and to JOE my hero of the day!