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Another June is Over, Thankfully

Each year June comes along, as always, right after May ends. It is a reflective month for me. Two of my sons and my beloved Angelo all transitioned to the next plane in June. In different years, on different dates, in different ways. They are always with me and show up in my today life but it is their physical presence that I miss. As time moves on, you would think that I would miss them less but the opposite is true. Maybe it’s because I am less busy, or at least busy in a different way, and have more thoughts I’d like to discuss with each of them. It is what it is and important to always move forward but looking back at a memory is okay, too.

Do you have someone you miss?

L – R Kenny, Guy, Ralph, Bret in 1966

Angelo, Me dancing 1982 at the Elks


The Time has Come….

A car is like a mate….if you cannot trust or rely on it, him, her, it’s time to move on! I said my good-byes to The Coop. I had so much fun driving the Mini Cooper that I held onto to it until
I lost complete faith and trust in it…..just like the marriage???? CarMax in Lynchburg (VA) was fabulous!. Even though I didn’t buy my car there, I bought a car from an individual, they were courteous, professional, competent, and generous. I hope I never have to do this again. If so, I would go to CarMax first!

Here is my BlueBelle a 2015 Ford Focus hatchback. The first Ford I’ve owned since my beloved turquoise Ford Mustang back in the early 70s.. Another car I loved even though the heater never warmed up until I arrived at my destination-no matter the distance or how cold it was in Jersey.

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Day 28 ProlificPulse Mo Po: celebrate the beauty of language and words themselves.

Language © arlene s bice

Ahhh. the beauty of words
of many languages
spoken softly with sensitivity
can heal, comfort, inspire
even on a bistro menu
words sing like songs
to entice you, tease you
allow you to enjoy
beauty, taste, pleasure
let the words, descriptions
roll over your tongue
prior to the food
even arriving.

Photo thanks to Linda Tate Wolfbard=unsplash

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Day 26 ProlificPulse Mo Po : Explore the theme of dreams and aspirations in poetry

Dreams © arlene s bice

Those dreams that were given up
after one attempt after another
failed again and again, yet again
disappointed, rejected, lost
returned, came unannounced
an opportunity given to me
without asking 30 years late;
came easily from two directions
“please write a book for us”
my writing affair began.

My First Book

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Day 25 ProlificPulse Mo Po: Capture the essence of a particular emotion

Exhilaration! © arlene s bice

My first time, IWWG annual conference
500 women writers gather at Skidmore
eyes wide, a bit nervous, I was in awe
multiple classes each hour each day
a week away from work and all
feeling alive, filled with music
made up of words and guidance
new friendships formed, kept
becoming a writer day by day
a tradition formed for 10 years

poem/essay/story is accepted
book is now published
leading writers’ group
presenting courses
thank you, thank you, thank you.