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A Year of Summer Shadows by Alice Orr

Alice Orr was a workshop leader at the International Women Writers’ Guild when I attended annually for ten years. Her book No More Rejections was a fine non-fiction book that I offered to my writing groups. Now she has some top selling fiction under the heading of Romantic Suspense. These books are in a series settled in the North Country, a small town of Riverton.
After reading The Wrong Way Home it was only natural that I would want to follow up with Book 2, A Year of Summer Shadows. These are Alice Orr’s romantic suspense stories on the Kalli family in the North Country. The first book covered the romance of oldest brother Matt, Book 2 is all about Mark and Hailey.
Her childhood friend is in trouble. Even though they have been estranged for years, Hailey is there to help her. Mark comes back into the picture, yet he has no idea that Hailey wants him there. He, in turn thinks she despises him.
The mother in the Kalli family is wise in the way of womanhood as she looks out for her boys, welcomes their loves into her home and does her own to tighten family bonds. A good read for romantic suspense lovers.

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