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BOOK REVIEW: CASSANDRA AND THE GI P.I. A Dupont Circle Mystery Volume 2 by Meriewether Shipley

Cassandra hones her many skills, beginning with nursing Harry from that nasty bump on his head. Her sensitivity skills heighten as her adventures with Harry Shields intensifies. She acknowledges his past undercover work as it may endanger her life, too. It does. Alfie and Chris, Harry’s closest friends come into the story, adding another layer of mystery.
As Cassandra and her GI P.I.’s wedding date looms, with all the excitement of society and privacy, they find new areas to explore, make new plans, and sometimes get side tracked.
Volume 2 adds new dimensions in excitement for this couple as they plow through, happy to just be together. Highly recommend this continuing mystery at Dupont Circle in the Washington, DC ‘60s.

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