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Ghost Hunter Dr. Hans Holzer

I started reading Hans Holzer back in the 60s when he first began writing books but had been investigating haunted places and the paranormal in a serious, scholarly way for some time. When I opened the book shop in the 90s I came across a few of the many books he had written since. By then he had published many books on finding ghosts and his attempts in releasing them to go forward to peace in the afterlife.

Recently when I saw that his daughter wrote a memoir about him, I became intrigued. Of course I ordered it immediately. The book came in the mail shortly. I could barely wait to read about what I expected to be an interesting, fascinating life. Think about it. Here was a man who traveled from one country to another, seeking ghosts, proving spirits roamed around us and had compelling evidence of life after physical death. He had 115 different books in print on those subjects.

Disappointment set in quickly. Surely there must be someone out there who can do a proper job of publishing the life of Dr. Hans Holzer.

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