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THE INTUITVE DANCE, Building, Protecting, & Clearing Your Enger by Atherton Drenth

Finally! A book recommended to me that truly appeals to those who are just discovering their intuitive abilities, who have already awakened and studied the intuitive, and to those who are fully enwrapped in intuitive knowledge. I’ve been reading this book slowly so the words soak into me, lest I forget anything. It’s a book I’ve lined with marginal notes and circled words and stuck arrows in, to draw my attention the next time I read it. I know it will be bedside for a re-read and for referencing so I keep the benefits I’m enjoying now. In other words this book has become mine and will remain close for a long time!
Drenth is a medical intuitive who uses the results of her research from thousands of patients to help us on our journey, through brief, easy-peasy exercises that made immediate changes in my life. She uses techniques that are easily adaptable, for us to tap into, and rely on, that intuition we all have but are sometimes afraid to believe in.
When we become truly aware of the people and the world around us, we also become aware of the dangers of negative people trying to influence us in ways that are not beneficial. Drenth instructs us on how to protect ourselves from them. You’ll easily recognize how important and simple this is to do.
Those readers who have a difficult time sleeping are going to love Chapter 6. Remember how refreshed you were after a good night’s sleep? You can have those nights every night again. I know because I’ve benefitted from this chapter and there is so much more! I LOVE THIS BOOK!

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