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Day 28 ProlificPulse Mo Po: celebrate the beauty of language and words themselves.

Language © arlene s bice

Ahhh. the beauty of words
of many languages
spoken softly with sensitivity
can heal, comfort, inspire
even on a bistro menu
words sing like songs
to entice you, tease you
allow you to enjoy
beauty, taste, pleasure
let the words, descriptions
roll over your tongue
prior to the food
even arriving.

Photo thanks to Linda Tate Wolfbard=unsplash

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Day 21 ProlificPulse Mo Po: a poem inspired by a favorite childhood fairy tale.

Ahhh Cinderella! ©arlene s bice

As a teen, I longed for my prince to come
haul me up onto his great white horse
ride into the sunset, travel, dance, sing

no one told me he was really a toad
no way would we ride onto the road
troubles and sorrows on me did he load

till I finally grew up and wised up, too
bought my own horse-power, that was
first a 2-wheeled Honda, then a Harley
candy-apple red, shiny and took myself
over mountains, down into valleys low
vroom, vroom, wherever I wanted to go.

Photo by Fran Now Time-unsplash

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Day 8 ProlificPulse Mo Po: poem that centers around an encounter between two people shouldn’t really have ever met because

Stranger than . . . ©arlene s bice

I looked up to see him
across the crowded room
his eyes were set, baiting me

my aunt’s favorite tune
Some Enchanted Evening slid
into my mind, ran round and round

I slowly shook my head
to clear it, no help there at all
how could it be, I wondered aloud

as he crossed the room abuzz
low murmurs floating in the air
coming closer, eyes never leaving

mine until he was inches from me
glistening, burning into mine, all afire
What are you doing here, I whispered.

You are supposed to be 3,000 miles
away, I said. Not so, he huskily replied.
You are supposed to be 3,000 miles away.

And the years fell away. We were back at the beginning.

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

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Day 6 ProlificPulse Mo Po: feeling of falling in love through metaphor and imagery

Photo by Vanessa Serpas on Unsplash

It’s been a Long Time Since © arlene s bice

The lightness of walking, feet above the ground
as musical notes flitter around in your head
like butterflies
oh, yes I remember

impossible to keep a stoid, straight expression
smiles bubble over, announcing love to the universe
without saying a word
oh, yes, I remember

like a brush to an artist creating at a blank canvas
colors, movement, joy will burst off the surface
no effort at all
oh, yes, I remember

when that ethereal feeling of being in love is new
before tarnish, before tragedies, before the world
or the families try to tear you apart
is a time to build a steadiness, a fortress that lasts
a time to bond and let no one else enter your world
oh, yes, I remember.