Ghostly Habits

In the last ten years that I’ve been collecting the personal stories of people and their ghostly experiences I have come across a few common denominators. One is that often the psychically developed person generally has a forerunner that had the same gifts. Mostly it was a mother or grandmother noted. Maybe women are still more open speaking of such events as seeing ghosts or talking to spirits.

The other is the restoration and especially the alteration of a house, or building. Ghosts aren’t just found in houses. It seems that the apparitions are bonded to the dwelling for their own personal reasons and to the habits of their lifetime. So if a doorway is closed up or moved a bit further down the wall, it creates havoc in the world between here and there. They must wonder why changes must occur when things were suited to them in their lifetime. Yet spirits are known to walk through walls so I have no idea why it should make a difference to them.

When paranormal activity is new to an occupant that has lived for a long time in a house it is almost as if the ghost was sleeping then woken up by the noise of the contractor. Now that she is awake she is going to create a little noise of her own. The fascination for light switches, hair dryers and things electric in particular are common ‘toys’ for poltergeists. Framed photographs, books and other treasures are targets, too, but not with angry intentions. Just having fun as in Ghostly Spirits in Warren County etc.

It seems our personality and curiosity doesn’t leave when our bodies pass away.

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