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PurpleStone Press Ezine for January 2013

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A Monthly Newsletter to keep readers informed on news in the book world, about moments not easily explained, stretching out to other genres, a personal story, events going on, comments from readers and more. Readers are welcome to comment or add their thoughts to the next newsletter.
Issue: January 2013 Wishing You A Healthy, Prosperous New Year!
Happenings & News Look for “A Gathering of Artists & Poets” coming on February 19, Tues. at the Warren County Memorial Library details to follow …….
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They publish two issues a year, a poetry contest for the spring/summer and an open issue for the fall/winter. They suggest you browse previously published work before submitting. Their next reading period begins 1 Jaunary 2013.
Stories…Joseph Bonaparte & the Jersey Devil
Southern New Jersey still boasts of its Pine Barren with its natural setting of trees and swamps that have been since before the first settlers came. In those early days of the 1700s Mrs. Leeds lived there, mostly by herself while her husband was gone so often. She helped maintain her home and raising her house full of twelve children by using her skills as an herbalist and healer. She was known to help anyone who needed it.
While her birthing should have been an easy one, it was not. The reason was not recorded but it was repeated by the midwife that reported hearing her say, “the devil be this child” or something to that effect. Later the midwife swore the child was born with cloven hoof and wings.
Bonaparte’s Bordentown Gate House-still occupied.DSCF1827
When the Bonapartes began losing battles and power in Europe, Napoleon’s brother Joseph came to Bordentown, New Jersey to live ca. 1817. This was much more to his liking than ruling any country. The great men of the day all stopped to pay him a visit and enjoy his famous hospitality.
He was a naturalist and created a park-like setting on his approximately 800 acre estate which he thoroughly enjoyed. While out hunting in his wood one day he was surprised when he nearly bumped into a creature with cloven hoof and wings. The creature was as startled as he was, hissed at him and flew off never to be seen again. Joseph only found that it was the Jersey Devil when he gave a description while asking local Bordentonians what it was. People are still reporting Jersey Devil sightings. © Arlene S. Bice
Blogs, I Get Blogs ….. There are so many blogs out there that it is like going to a celebration buffet where nothing is stale from sitting too long or unhealthy because someone sneezed all over it. It’s easy to just take a taste of this and that…..and you don’t gain any weight or have to exercise extra hard to work it off. Just pick and choose what you want to read about.
London Calling at : http://general-southerner.blogspot.com/?wref=bif is one of the blogs that I’ve been enjoying for awhile now. Tony is a retired teacher and seems to jaunt around England taking great photos. His posts are varied but here are a few: A Tea with Jane Austen, Bath, Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp (in Bath), Virginia Woolf, Colin Firth, The 6th June 1944 D Day The British Beaches, Charles Dickens , and he has trekked up to see the Bronte sisters home. He has also done the Beatles and much more including modern subjects. Photography is his inspiration, so there are many lovely and creative shots to view.
This Month……While working on Bordentown stories, I’m also collecting North Carolina true ghost tales for the next book. If you know of anyone who would like to tell me their story, please put them in touch with me at: asbice@aol.com or 252-257-4838. Thanks ahead of time.
Book Review…. Since I was of the generation who enjoyed Burt Reynolds naked on a bearskin rug for Cosmo magazine in 1972; generally worked in a field dominated by men in those years that followed, I thoroughly enjoyed: Always Wear Joy: My Mother Bold and Beautiful by Susan Fales-Hill. An Afro-American television writer-producer looks back on her struggles and that of her mother, elegant dancer, actor, entertainer Josephine Premice. Although their struggle was partly their heritage, it was the same struggle many of us women fought through to attain the rights we deserved during those years. A good read that brought an earlier time back to my mind.

The Latest……. Ghostly Spirits of Warren County NC & Beyond (Soft Cover-2012 PurpleStone Press) $18.95 A candle in the window, a man who walks through walls, a woman from long ago…..peek into the personal stories of hauntings from those who wish to remain in their place on earth instead of going forward into the after-life. Warren County was a wealthy, thriving place during the antebellum years. Warrenton was the hub of activity, a destination on market days where friends gathered. These imprints were left and remain today.

Also Available…. Ghosts Of Bordentown (NJ) $14.95, Haunted Bordentown … (NJ) $14.95, Life & Labyrinth …Memoir & Poetry $17.95 , Major Fraser’s.. History $19.95, Images of America Series -Bordentown, Bordentown history, New Egypt & Plumsted Township, A history, Bordentown Revisited, More history including its surrounds $20 each.

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