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THEM THAT GO by Becky Mushko-book review

dscf4303 Appalachian high school senior Annie Caldwell talks to the animals and they talk back. She’s a quiet girl who keeps to herself until she decides that she wants to be as normal as other kids, the ones that don’t even know about the gift of being able to converse with animals of all sorts. But plans can go array as hers does when a high school cheerleader goes missing.
While she keeps abreast of all the changes going on around her, quilting comes into her life. As her Aint Lulie teaches her, she also learns much about traditions, family genealogy, being psychic, and secrets.
Them That Go is a wonderful story peeking into the mountain way of life of the 1970s. I LOVED THIS BOOK!

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    1. You really wrote her gift in talking with the animals very realistic. Too many writers can’t get that quite right. A friend of mine has that gift, also. I loved the book, as I said. The one book you didn’t pick up on Saturday, is my awakening psychic development over many years. My grandmother was fully developed but I didn’t know until I was in my 30s.

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