love, Memoir, Poetry

Day 6 ProlificPulse Mo Po: feeling of falling in love through metaphor and imagery

Photo by Vanessa Serpas on Unsplash

It’s been a Long Time Since © arlene s bice

The lightness of walking, feet above the ground
as musical notes flitter around in your head
like butterflies
oh, yes I remember

impossible to keep a stoid, straight expression
smiles bubble over, announcing love to the universe
without saying a word
oh, yes, I remember

like a brush to an artist creating at a blank canvas
colors, movement, joy will burst off the surface
no effort at all
oh, yes, I remember

when that ethereal feeling of being in love is new
before tarnish, before tragedies, before the world
or the families try to tear you apart
is a time to build a steadiness, a fortress that lasts
a time to bond and let no one else enter your world
oh, yes, I remember.

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