pspoetry Day 10 Just Desserts

Grandmother Daniels’ Dishes 1910

And Then Dessert -arlene s bice

Mom’s cooking

filled our house with love

crystal stemware, cut glass

the good silver, candelabra lit

guests at table, gift box chocolates

fancy, decorated cakes, cookies piled

pies depending on the season, yet always

Lemon Meringue Pie like no other, ever

filled with a lemon curd, meringue tips

browned until they weeped a wee bit

served on Grandmother’s Daniels’

delicate dishes from 1910.

0 thoughts on “pspoetry Day 10 Just Desserts”

  1. Beautiful dishes & memories.
    My memories of a lemon meringue pie is my Grandmom making me one for my birthday instead of cake. ❤️

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