#5 After the Tachyon Pyramid

I sat down, still in the Sanctuary looking at the massage table that had a Tachyon Sleeping Pad on it. Joyce was laying on it. After a few moments of waiting, I thought maybe it would be better if I passed on a turn on the Pad.  Sometimes it was better to not do everything available!

            Still wobbly, I stepped out of the Sanctuary into a light drizzle and onto the path, carefully crossing the bridge this time. Only one of my friends was walking the labyrinth. I knew walking the labyrinth would calm me. It did. I took my time letting my thoughts gently rest as I made the journey to the center, paused for a gratefulness prayer, turned, and came back out again. No rush. I allowed myself to pull together. I knew there were ley lines under the labyrinth and vowed to Google more about them.

            Once calm I went inside where Dr. Mary offered a glass of water, a hunk of chocolate followed by a cup of tea, and conversation. A lot of chattering filled the kitchen. No one else seemed to have been affected like I had. I chalked that up to my previous experience at Avebury. There was something exceedingly special here for me. My intuition told me so last year before there was any mention of Tachyon.

            Dear Dr. Mary gifted us each with a rose quartz crystal. She must have noticed my expression (I never could hide my emotions) because she also encouraged me to go back outside and run my hands through the rosemary growing near the tiny bridge. I inhaled the aroma of it, ran it over my body, and washed my hands with it. Peace settled in. It was time for us to head home.

My psychic cat Lizzie greeted me at the door, meowing loudly that she was glad to see me back home again. It wasn’t quite 7 p.m. The swelling of my arthritic left hand ring finger was back to normal! After a long time of pain, swelling, and stiffness I was bending and wiggling it. The pain was gone! Flexibility of my left had returned! I stood in amazement!

            Eye surgery from a burst cyst a year or two ago left an internal splotch of dried blood on its’ surface. It seemed smaller and I could see light through parts of it by 10 p.m.! I woke up every hour throughout the night. No problem. I had no idea why I woke up. I just turned over and went back to sleep, letting whoever was in charge of me and my body tonight handle the whole enchilada.

Two days later I went to Duke Eye Clinic for my regular injections into both eyes to keep Wet Macular Degeneration at bay. The splotch was a bit smaller and less dense! My vision was better than it had been in some time. My depth perception had improved. Duke Eye Clinic had been keeping the Degeneration at bay for approximately ten years and I am extremely grateful for it.

            My left hand fist closes and opens easily again and again, after a year of not being able to do that. At 9:30 p.m. my inner chest rumbled. Nothing wild or drastic. Just something was going on in there.

More Adventures with Tachyon continues. . .

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  1. Reading this latest installment has me transfixed. I love making this journey with you.
    I rolled my ankle (left) yesterday — life completely stopping me in my tracks. I can feel that the called-for healing is energetic, and also emotional. (Lots of good tears flowed in the hours afterward.) Reading of your journey heartens my soul, as I ask for my own healing.

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