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BUILD THE FORT by Chris Heivly (book review)

DSCF4111   Well, really, don’t you remember building forts when you were a kid? We were lucky enough to have a small wooded area that we neighborhood kids converged on (and later my own four sons). Actually we built a tree house with connecting logs running to other trees. I cannot imagine how one of us didn’t break a bone in the process.
On rainy days, my brother and I built forts inside, using sheets and blankets incorporating the dining room table and chairs. It was great fun that left me with fond memories of building a fort. Thinking of those days pulled at me with interest to read Build the Fort by Chris Heivly.
This book came to me just in time. I’ve been wanting to spread my wings and help guide readers who want to become writers. I know what I want to do, but need to know how to go about it. This book is all about ‘how to’ in an easy way to follow.
Chris is the co-founder of MapQuest and The Startup Factory, sharing his knowledge with passion, about facing fear, overcoming it, and how to handle building your business with confidence. He breaks it down to five easy steps that he uses building a fort as a metaphor to make the task simple for the reader to understand.
He tells us how to socialize our ideas, choosing who to socialize it to. While he encourages us, he guides us to miss the pitfalls, laying it all out before us so it is clear. He isn’t shy about revealing his weak spots-the ones he doesn’t want to deal with and tells us how to do that, too.
In reading the book, learning about bartering is included, along with giving something back. Really, Chris covers it all. It’s a great little book, one the reader doesn’t get lost in, but finds her way to exactly where she wants to be. Get a copy. Today, if possible.
Oh, and yes, I love the way he lays out the plans for Building the Fort. It brings back memories.



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