Day 27 ~How to Review. . . arlene s bice

no one reviews a book ere it is read

or a movie before it is over

or a dinner prior to eating it

so how to review a year after only

a quarter of it completed

a challenge for certain

where will we go from here

the year started out promising

2020 rolls over the tongue

a fine sounding year

anticipations at high level

before diving into novel coronavirus

COVID 19, scary words

fear abounds, jobs lost

families devastated, left weeping

where do we go from here

there are always positives

coming out of negatives

water is cleaner, air is purer

a note to powers in high places

will you let go of your greed

will you bring in safer ways

keep the earth healthy

let goodness overcome money

let remaining peoples live

true progress is in your hands

a challenge for certain.

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