Day 28 ~ about a past bedroom

The Bedroom of My Youth ~ arlene s bice

the wood floor was painted barn red

a bureau with a mirror stood

where the door opened into it

facing the double windows

showing the tree growing

my brother Albert planted

a chair with wooden arms

sat in front of the windows

my single bed lay along the wall

to the right

a huge black & white panda bear

occupied my bed all day

waiting for me to snuggle at night

a small closet, they were all small

in those days

opened next to the bed

the panda bear was outgrown

replaced by a collection of horses

ceramic mostly, in various poses

bought with babysitting money

young movie star pictures

James Dean, Sal Mineo,

Tony Curtis, Robert Wagner

taped on the wallpaper

the summer I was 12

my mother took in a 5 year old boy

to earn money, times were tough

he moved into my room

i moved in with Mom

i lasted 2 months

i fussed & fumed

wanted my own room

needed my own room

got my own room back

whew! i had growing up to do.

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