A Tachyonized pebble was passed around so we could each handle it; getting the sense of it. Looking over at it laying in Charlene’s hand, I thought the stone could have passed for a nickel-sized piece of lava, maybe a bit larger.  Then she passed the Tachyonized pebble to me. It was only a second until it vibrated wildly in my left palm! The connection between me and this pebble was intense and immediate! I purposely received it in my left palm-closer to my heart. As it continued send energy (healing?) into my hand I looked around to see if anyone was watching. No one noticed the major event taking place in my palm! They were all glued to Dr. Mary as she told us how Tachyon was a particle from outer space that is faster than the speed of light! (Tachyon is Greek for the word speed.) 

This all started with knowing how eager my Soul Tribe was to learn, Dr. Mary sent word in early November ’17 that she had some new, exciting information to share with us. My bones told me that this was going to be an extraordinary day! Or maybe it was my intuition running on high. Nine of us Soul Tribe happily organized a caravan and insisted that we bring lunch this time. We planned a Pot Luck selection at its best and came in three different vehicles; again emerging from different directions.

            Dr. Mary and her friend/personal assistant Mary II greeted our van at the door. After our greetings and hugs, Mary II gave us in the first van, a mini tour while we waited for the others to arrive. Since it was the pre-Christmas season the house looked quite different without the Christmas tree, abundance of angels adorning each room, and the other holiday dressings. I instantly noticed the soothing effect of the pale lavender walls complemented by the white furniture and accessories that created an airy and heavenly tone.

            Mary II led us into the cozy meditation/healing room first. The soft lighting of candles and fairy lights indicated sanctity. Their enhancement with the white carpet exuded the feeling of renewal and harmony. A gathering of crystals spread in the room added the sense of tranquility floating in the air. Again a peacefulness wrapped around me.

            The others arrived. We spoke with Cal, who was settled in the family room, before we all sat down to our hearty lunch. Excited voices chattering filled the air with festivity as we caught up with the events of our lives. When our stomachs were satisfied we went to the media/family room as previously. Dr. Mary passed around a piece of Moldavite for each of us to hold and examine while she talked about it. When the greenish gemstone reached me, I held it in my left palm. It released heat instantly from the intense frequency it carries. I didn’t hold it long because we had moved on to other gemstones, so the Moldavite didn’t get a chance to extend the heat through my body as it is known to do. That’s when Charlene passed the Tachyon piece to me. My excitement holding this Tachyon pebble, felt like fireworks were setting off within me. I was getting messages and no one was looking! I passed the stone along so I could pay attention to what was being said.         

            Dr. Mary pointed out a pad lying against Cal’s back. It resembled a white lamb’s wool heating pad without any wires extending out. This was Cal’s third day of holding it against his lower back to heal a pulled muscle. It worked! Mary II had used the Tachyon mat on her knee and it healed the sore knee within the week!

Tachyon energy claims to neutralize harmful energies in your body that cause disease. While it may not magically heal you, it directs your body to heal itself. It conducts a natural detoxification of your body, highly absorbs the vitamin and mineral benefit, deepens meditation and increases a sense of connection to the Source.

Next blog will reveal my extraordinary experience in a Tachyonized Pyramid!

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