More on Writing Your Story

If you are writing your story and having trouble starting it, just begin by writing anything. Your mind and hand will take over and move you where you want to go. There may be times when you think you have written everything. That is the time to bring out the music you used to adore. Or revisit the photos stashed away like hidden money.
The more you write down, the more memories will come to you. It works like a chain reaction. Before I began to write about my childhood, I couldn’t really remember much before riding the new bicycle my godfather Curley Plumeri bought for my 7th birthday. A photo of me at 3 years with a book on my lap brought back the hours I spent looking through my father’s set of Encyclopedia Britannica Jr. seeing sketches of women in history. I wonder if those early times spent with books created the love of history I still enjoy.
As I wrote, more of my earlier years came to me. Again a photo, black and white of those days, showed me in a walker, under 1 year old. I remember that it was pale blue and cream and there was no holding me back. I wanted to go places!
One memory comes to mind and several others follow it. When you sit quietly after returning to your youth, your mind will release earlier and earlier memories. For some, the actual birth moment comes to them, too.

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