MOVING, MOVING, MOVING. Aug. 22, Saturday 7 a.m. items shown will be sold. Now I know why people stay in houses that they have long ago outgrown. Grown. Groan is more like it. The horrors of moving include sorting, tossing out what hasn’t been used in 10 years-even 5 years, re-reading cards & letters-do I continue to save them-donating, eating what is in the fridge & pantry-less to move, and saying adieu to this lovely house that has welcomed me into its nooks n’ crannies. I won’t be saying ciao to my friends ‘cause I’m only moving a short distance away. Thankfully.
Please spread the word. The ad and address is in the Warren Record.DSCF3897DSCF3903DSCF3905 DSCF3900

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