Eight of my Soul Tribe set out on a drizzly, raw, white sky day in December of ’16 in two vehicles leaving from different directions to meet at Dr. Mary and Cal’s for a visit and to walk their newly completed labyrinth. Our road trips were always a joy and for me, this was a first time meeting Dr. Mary and her husband Cal.

            As soon as I stepped over the threshold into Dr. Mary’s home a healing presence settled on me. A breathtaking white Christmas tree nearly touched the ceiling. It glowed with tiny white lights, lacy ribbons, crystals, and white birds that seemed ready to sing out a lilting melody. Nearby stood a twinkling angel at least 3 feet high encased in white and a huge sparkling amethyst that complemented the pale lavender walls and white furniture. Mirrors reflected the many brilliant crystals that sent waves of healing energy. I happily absorbed them, feeling them glisten in the air.

            This was a home of light, peace and love. It glowed with it. Large windows, French doors with glass windows drew light in on this cold winter day. A crackling fire in the fireplace exuded the warmth of days gone by when it was the only heat in a home. Now it enhanced, sending out waves of loving comfort. Stained glass and angels were everywhere. They reminded me that there were blessings plentiful enough if one was open to receive them.

            The dining room table was laden with a feast for us hungry travelers and we did it honor. “Yum” and “delicious” described our appreciation as we chattered in between forkfuls of the tastiest of foods. We really had not expected such a grand luncheon.

            After we were fully sated, we removed to the media/family room where a wall of windows overlooked a Zen garden with small statues, angels, rocks, cactus, and stones that created a peaceful meditation spot. The outdoor chapel sat beyond the labyrinth which lay beyond the garden.

            We talked about the healing energies of crystals and gemstones. A few were passed around one at a time. We handled them and allowed them to create a tingling sensation, or not before we passed it to the next person. Reactions were mixed depending on who held which one.

Then we drifted out to walk the labyrinth, one or two at a time. The cold seemed to fade as I paced slowly, thought of living in the now, and what was going on in my life. I paid attention to the feelings and thoughts that came to me.

            Eventually, we gathered back in the house to the music room where Dr. Mary played her white baby grand piano with grace and elegance. As I listened I heard, as well as felt, angels surrounding me. I was wrapped in the comfort of a mother’s love; entranced.

Woe is me! The visit had ended. We needed to leave this magical place and head home. But I carried this enchantment with me until we came again.

Next time I would be introduced to Tachyon!

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