NaPoWriMo Day 5

C’est la vie        arlene s bice

she stood before me like a picture from the past

one half of her young with red ringlets bouncing

one half was the age i knew her, my mother’s age

she was mute but i heard her laughter

sensed her happiness, felt her love for me

it was a cool moment to experience, unreal

it was Annie, the Annie of my youth coming

from Brenwal Avenue from long, long ago

she couldn’t possibly be here in front of me

i just woke, fell asleep over an-after-lunch book

i saw her spirit and with each spirit i came awake

“you know Anna May what comes next”

your perseverance is no longer needed

Annie’s appearance didn’t frighten me

i spoke back to this ghost before ‘little Arlene;’ me

i knew i’d be moving on, but sooner or later?

C’est la vie; before it ends with an image.

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