Questions on Topics that Matter by Vicki K. Silverman


This is a book that raises questions about a lot of things that matter to you, even things that you may have tucked into your back pocket, hoping they will go away. They won’t and the author guides you into finding the answers to those things. If you are at odds with yourself, questioning about mistakes you’ve made and guilt you feel and you don’t know how to go about healing, this book takes you by the hand leading you into a field of how to find answers. 

Silverman opens each chapter with a poem that relates to the upcoming topic. I love this! It brings a different touch that I have never seen offered before in this genre. Scenarios are given that help you identify your problem, discussion suggestions, and finally reflections to ponder.

It’s a great book to use when examining your relationships with the people in your life and also with yourself. A good place to start.  I highly recommend it! When you love it like I have, you may want to consider giving it as gifts. That is another whole field of sharing these topics for discussion and would be great over a cappuccino and a slice of Raspberry Champagne cake at the Coffeehouse or maybe host a Wine ‘n Cheese at your place. What fun and what results it could bring!

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