Sealey Chapbook Challenge-day 9

Heartspeak-Ellie’s Group

Art Cover by Lillie Leonardi

The Empty Cathedral-

Joyce Lindenmuth

I look at the cathedral

                It’s empty

Once built on the backs of dreamers

Who thought they could capture

                The beauty of God within a building.

Instead, they built

                A monument to themselves

Their cleverness and facility,

                Expecting God to notice.

The empty cathedral

                Reminds me of my hopes

Of finding God

                Inside a building

Instead, I found not peace but dissent,

                Disappointment and despair.

I found God outside the cathedral

                Within the souls of people I love

Among the trees and birds

                And animals and clouds

That surround me.

I look at the cathedral

                It’s empty. Alone.

Unlike me. 

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