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People talk about the good old days and groan about growing older. But I remember those days of juggling multiple jobs to stay afloat financially. Trying to keep the kids straight while trying to give them a good life in bad times was stressful.

Those days left me no time for classes or studying or doing anything what I wanted to do. Life was all about pleasing, supporting someone else; responsibilities, heavy weights on my shoulders not always with happy results. No more walking the beam; I’ll take the aging with the benefits of easier living, less responsibility and lots of time to indulge my passions.

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  1. Memory is a trickster, we remember the things we want to remember. The good old days had their problems as well. Great six

  2. Thought-provoking Six… and an issue that many of us ‘here’ are surely grappling with… the relative decrease in demands on our time and resources versus a (tendency) to have less excess energy.

    (For the record, I agree and on the matter of the energy, physical condition notwithstanding, there is more than enough energy locked up in the routines that encrust my day)

    1. I was a divorced mother of 4 boys, 1 1/2 years apart with no support from their father, but added burden from him. I prefer to remember the good times but have not forgotten the stress and pain of those days. thanks for your thoughts on it.

  3. I’ll take the aging, too, adding that I don’t care what other people think of how I look anymore, finally realizing other people are only worried about how THEY look and don’t care about me, anyway!

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