Ahhh, it’s the autumn time for me to yield

To my driveway which seems to be sealed

The rustle of leaves is the result I’ve reeled

The bamboo rake is the weapon I wield

To make a pathway stripped away, peeled

in a huge, colorful blanket-looking field.

0 thoughts on “SSS-FIELD”

  1. Seasonal Six 😀 It transported me to early childhood. Originally from the Northeast, I am quite familiar with raking leaves! When we were kids, we’d jump into giant piles that were raked before bagging. It was a blast. Not such a blast when I got older and was the one who raked all those leaves!

    1. Me, too. Nearby Princeton was a carpet of brilliantly covered leaves. When i lived in nearby NC, i mentioned that pile of leaves and was told there might be snakes under that pile. It tarnished my picture and i stopped scuffing the leaves when i took my walks. Boo Hoo.

  2. Your SSS is easy to envision and to hear. I so much prefer the sound of a bamboo rake to that of a metal one. Nice SSS.

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