Image by magdahertzberg from Pixabay 

Why is the first time for any experience, good or bad, always remembered vividly when brought to mind.

Easily, this one popped into my head with electrifying response from just a word.

I remember this one so well, joyfully, of a foot -long, fat, cardboard tube.

It was placed into my hands with instructions to look into the tiny hole and twist.

I was a youngster of under 10 years of age holding an amazing, new object setting my imagination awhirl.

The kaliedoscope was a world of color, shapes, and marvel, changing as I twirled with such ease, just like my life has done since those early years.

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  1. and I will add, in appreciation, your description of a “…fat, cardboard tube. is all it took to have my own experience flash though my mind.
    fun Six!

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