Rolling down the interstate on a morning after a heavy rain making the world look like it was scrubbed clean by Mom last night, I stay relaxed but constantly aware of traffic around me, especially the big guys, meaning the tractor trailers that dwarf my little, red Mazda II that I love so much.

They generally tend to be good drivers but still they have to see (meaning me) in order to be road savvy where I’m concerned as I never forgot the time a trucker kept pulling left into my lane as I blew the horn, pffft, his music must have been playing loud and I finally just braked my car rather than run into the center island because I knew he just didn’t see me..

We were slowing down, fortunately, for some kind of trouble ahead or for certain I would have been in trouble, too.

At the time I was clearly alert and on my toes as far as interstate driving goes not allowing random thoughts to run through my mind as I was doing today.

Driving is good for letting ideas spark, ferment and form solid ideas for what I am going to work on in my writing when I arrive home and also for working out knots in a piece of work I have already started,  maybe thought was finished until that lightbulb went bing!

That bing let me know it wasn’t as finished as I thought.

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  1. The bings can make all the difference! I like your description of the road being “scrubbed clean by Mom last night.”

  2. Hey! I do that! Its funny, I can’t think about stories while I’m at work, as it (work) seems to require a version of myself that is not overly-imaginative, however, on the drive in to work… lol
    I tend to run scenes through my head, daydreaming the story prior to settling on a set of word,
    Good Six!

    1. I’m not handy with a cell but i think they record or use a recorder by just laying it on the seat beside you. Mind you, i have one that i never learned how to use. duh. arlene.

  3. I love to drive! I will drive anywhere and wish someone would pay me to do so (but I don’t want to drive a truck!). I do my best thinking while driving and while in the shower, but at least when I’m driving, I can use Siri to take notes on ideas – harder to do that in the shower!

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