Hunched over my computer, fingers flying faster than thoughts and words came to me, yet up in the corner behind me I see and hear his words, “loosen up, let’ go, get zany, for Pete’s sake!”

Instinctively I knew he was right about my work schedule being way past what someone might call normal except that I loved my work knowing that it fulfilled and defined me!

Why should I give this up when I have waited impatiently for so many years to fulfill my duties to everyone else in my life before starting the life I’ve always wanted and now you whisper in my ear that I should give it up?

No way would I consider changing what I do because I love it and will continue to write until the last breath leaves my body to turn cold.

It is the words I leave behind that will last long after my name has been the answer to someone’s question asking “who is she?”

Besides all that let me tell you that even in my childhood,  even in my teens, even on the nights that I had too many cocktails to behave in a normal fashion, I was never ZANY!

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