Ten Things of Thankful

McCallum – Moore Gardens
  1. A quiet place of peace nearby to feed my writing.
  2. Time to read for knowledge and pleasure everyday.
  3. Classical music to soothe and nurture my mind
  4. A computer that brings the world to me.
  5. Writers who seek the truth no matter what.
  6. Dark chocolate of quality.
  7. Reconnecting with long-ago friends, if only by phone.
  8. My wonderful teenage years.
  9. Love that floats through the air to bind us.
  10. Spirits in the afterlife that stay in touch. ~asb

0 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful”

  1. A lovely, peaceful list! The photo of the gardens is so soothing. Thanks for linking up with the TToT! 🙂

  2. Such a lovely list of thankfuls! I’m sitting on a porch swing, reading posts and commenting, as a small thunderstorm is popping up, bringing a cool breeze with it. It is very pleasant (until it starts to rain, that is!). I love reconnecting with old friends, which I have found to be the best thing about facebook.

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