TTOT- 20.09.25.

Reading by the Full Moon-Michael Roy Layne
  1. Sage leaves to cleanse negative spirits from my home.
  2. A beautiful conch shell to hold the sage while burning. It was a gift from a friend many years ago. I think of her every time I use it.
  3. A painting I did in the last century of a stream in Big Indian, New York while visiting dear friends. It will always remind me of them and the heavy overnight snowfall creating a white winter wonderland.
  4. To Nesco for making an electric fry pan 8” X 8” perfect for singles’ cookin.g
  5. Old photos that are bringing back memories of friends & family who have passed over.
  6. Cards I’ve saved and kept with those photos. Many have notes,  words from those I’ve loved.
  7. Michael Roy Layne for a great Autumn Equinox ceremony when he explained the meaning of his mural Reading by the Full Moon across from the library in Warrenton, NC.
  8. To Dr. Sharon Fekrat at Duke Eye Center who has healed my Wet Macular Degeneration after more than 10 years of injections into my eyes. I’m deeply thankful for my eyesight.
  9. Other writers. Writers inspire writers.
  10. Rejoining JASNA (Jane Austen Society of North America) at Karin’s urging. It’s good to exchange ideas with other Janeites.

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    1. It’s even more impressive live! It’s a 2 story building that used to be unsightly cinderblock. the location is so perfect for the subject. when you come out of the library you look up to see the mural. i love murals anyway.

  1. That is wonderful that your Wet Macular Degeneration has healed. Was it healed because of the injections, or did she try a different method?
    We have a several cast iron skillets, one of which is a 6″ skillet and we find it very useful.
    Saved photos and cards with messages/letters written on them are very special for stirring up past memories of people who have now passed on.
    I had to take a look at some photos of Big Indian, NY. Lovely area.

  2. Yes, Dr. Fekrat tried a new routine of injections whether there was leakage or not, for months.starting every two weeks,.(after severak years of on again, off again) kept injecting and that seemed to do the trick. Beautiful country, Big Indian.

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