TTOT -20.10.30.

  1. Delighted to have voted by mail and relieved my responsibility is completed.
  2. Delighted to be a member of TAF, IWWG, & WAM all writers’ organizations. I try to be a worthy member in each. It is important to join a group that helps others regardless of whether they belong or no.
  3. The aroma in my home that says: somethin’ lovin’ is in the oven. It’s that time of year.
  4. Readers. I read a quote that “what we write doesn’t come alive until someone reads it.” they may have said it better than me.
  5. Internet search engines. Any question typed in will find an answer.
  6. Census and records available to us genealogists. They helped me to find my family who mostly all passed away before I was born.
  7. People who publish old, old histories of particular areas ( 1600s Piscataway, New Jersey) I send many, many, many thanks to you, even though you won’t make millions of dollars from it.
  8. Lisa Tomey for the fabulous hosting of the anthology of What it is to be a Woman, now a Poets Connection podcast. She invited poets who came from CA, CO, NYC, VA, & NC last Saturday morning. Thank you Lisa for a fabulous program. I’m still walking on air. We all loved it.  https://anchor.fm/lisa-tomey/episodes/Episode-12—Poets-Connection—What-it-is-to-be-a-Woman-elh4qr
  9. Visual Artists (painters) who make our world lovelier with color and images and their interpretation of life as they see it.
  10. Art galleries such as recently opened Artists of Elements, Littleton NC who support those artists including potters, creative jewelry artists & more. To open when so many businesses are closing is bold and beautiful.

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