TTOT – 20.12.04.

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  1. The Poet Talk Podcasts of Lisa Tomey including ours. I enjoy hearing from other poets and Lisa does a fabulous job of interviewing.
  2. Leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, yum.
  3. Turkey soup simmering still lingering in the air.
  4. E cards for Christmas that people can enjoy & discard.
  5. Christmas cards wrapped in ribbons and saved that I received many years ago and still cannot toss, many with handwritten notes in them.
  6. My writing groups (small) meeting live again, with caution and socially distanced.
  7. My study group also meeting live, also socially distanced.
  8. The joy of these meetings even with keeping distance and no touching.
  9.  Reconnecting by telephone with longtime friends that I don’t see in person     

 from year to year.   Six Sentence Stories from Girlie on the Edge blog that keeps the creative   juices flowing and puts me in touch with new writers with cool mini stories.

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  1. agree on the post-Thanksgiving food… always more enjoyable. (We do a traditional menu… but, conforming to tradition entails sitting down and eating more at one meal than we have for years. (Funny how fundamental functions like eating can change without noticing) and so, the leftovers, more amenable to smaller portions, all the more enjoyable.
    Have an excellent week.

  2. I am so glad your writing and study groups are meeting live again, even if it’s distanced. I’m also so glad you’re able to phone friends you don’t get to see often.

  3. I have cards from Christmases past that I can’t bear to throw away, either! We froze some of our leftover Thanksgiving food so we can enjoy it at a later date. Looking forward to that meal! Six Sentence Story is so much fun! I still haven’t read last week’s entries. I’ve got to get busy!

  4. Being able to read the messages written inside cards saved so many years ago brings back so many memories. I love your idea of having tied them with ribbons in bundles. It is so hard to depart with them.
    Reconnecting via telephone calls to longtime friends is such a pleasure anytime, but especially around the holidays.

  5. I don’t live in the past but i do love remembering the good parts. I’m not a telephone person, prefering email but i do indulge in the long calls over the holidays. thanks for reading and commenting. I enjoy reading what you write.

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