TTOT -2020.09.18.

  1. The birthday cake I ate for breakfast last week.
  2. A satisfying, healthy, annual cardiologist report.
  3. For birthday cards and wishes, some outrageously funny.
  4. Autumn weather is here, soon autumn colors will appear
  5. The beautiful orchid plant received.
  6. Music, I have a variety of music in my life every day.
  7. Energy of a Virgo new moon
  8. Prayers of healing, both mine sent and others’
  9. Rainy days
  10. TTOT that reminds me to be aware

0 thoughts on “TTOT -2020.09.18.”

  1. This is a truly awesome list! I’m so grateful for your satisfying cardiology report. Also, did you have a birthday last week? In that case, or even if it wasn’t you who had the birthday, I want to wish you many more years in good health.

  2. Cake for breakfast, maybe not every day, but certainly for every-now-and- then days and birthdays. 🙂
    So happy for you having a healthy report from the cardiologist.
    The orchid is beautiful.

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