1. Lost is Austen film for Jane Austen fans gives me deep belly laughs even though the American version cuts out some great scenes.
  2. Deadlines for February are met.
  3. Bitter cold weather has left us for this year.
  4. Scratching posts for indoor cats
  5. Artists who make life better because of their artwork.
  6. My days last week without electricity are over.
  7. Other writers.
  8. TED talks.
  9. Holidays, all of them, they give us a break in daily living.
  10. All the people in my life.

0 thoughts on “TTOT-21.02.26.”

  1. Having electricity after losing it? Full TToT right there… I’m totally with you on the gratacious quality of leaving the cold weather behind… sorta, up here in the Northeast.
    have a good week

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