TTOT-ten things of thankful

Footprint raised in snow with (oak?) leaf
  1.  Pasta. I love pasta of any size, shape or color; hot or cold or room temperature in the middle of the night. Better than steak any day.
  2. For the birds that flock to my feeder early in the day. They continue my day with joy after an early morning walk.
  3. For my Kindle where I can read with a black background to ease the strain on my eyes.
  4. Silver Sneakers that sends me brief exercise routines that keep me from getting cranky at the computer by un-cranking my body throughout the day.
  5. For the wealth of knowledge that rests on my bookcases, an arm’s length away.
  6. For white vinegar as a cleaning agent so I don’t have to fill our waterways with poisons.
  7. For the family history that I find so fascinating. What ancestors I have!
  8. For the crossword puzzle in my local newspaper that keeps my brain reaching.
  9. Knowing that soon cooler weather will come, leaves will turn colorful and maybe we’ll have snow.

Room darkening drapes that keep the heat of summer outside where it belongs.

0 thoughts on “TTOT-ten things of thankful”

  1. Love the expression “uncranking my body”
    #5 Isn’t that the truth!
    #7 There is so much we can learn from their lives and the struggles they may have endured that can help us dealing with our own.

  2. totally with you on Number 4. A ‘real’ book person from forever, the kindle is so convenient to read, especially in bed, one hand and a thumb is all thats required.
    have to dissent on Number 9 (lol)…. I’m about to get cold, to get warm again next July
    have a good week

    1. I happened to have dreamed of snow the night before and it was beautiful. though since i’ve lived south these past 15 years i’m not sure my body would be able to warm up:-))

  3. I just finished reorganizing my bookcases this week. I’ve been reading books on kindle recently, but organizing the shelves made me realize I’m set on reading material for quite some time! 🙂

    1. I still have 3 full size bookcases plus 6 boxes in my storage shed that needs to come into the house. Paper bound books are treasures like old friends and hard to part with. I read both. Paper especially non-fiction that i am going to make notes in the margins. Thanks for your comment.

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