Year of Wonder & Gratitude

Thanksgiving Day is a day above others to stop and think about the uncommon things for which I am grateful for. So I place them here in a poem for you to enjoy. I am grateful for that.

 Year of Wonder & Gratitude

 I am grateful

for the skilled surgical team

for giving me a new, youthful heart

early this year, adding time to my life,

to create, to be; surely a wondrous thing

to be grateful for


ImageI am grateful

for the friends and family

that cared, who sent prayers

for my healing; I did heal, so quickly,

that in awe I went out and built an herb garden

that I am grateful for


I am grateful

for the seasons changing

showing beauty in its own way

the glory of colors varied each season

thanks to Duke Eye Center I see those colors

how grateful am I


I am grateful

for friends that share

my love of art, the printed word

 reading books, willing to discuss them

for music that sings in my house and my soul

I am grateful


I am grateful

for the joy of helping

others in my own small way

humble that it is, but from my heart

that pleases me more than receiving gifts

gratefulness overflows


I am grateful

for doors opening

to the path leading me

forward in this year of wonder

of exciting adventures and old memories

I am grateful. Yes


© Arlene S. Bice, 2012



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