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Snow Jan

What are snowy days for? To start a 1,000 piece puzzle of Nancy Drew book covers. That’s what. The puzzle takes me back to when my brother Bob and I put a jigsaw puzzle together on the dining room table. Always after the Christmas holidays were over. We wouldn’t need that table until Easter.
The subject of Nancy Drew took me back, too. I loved her books! I could hardly wait until library day at school, even though the librarian would not allow me more than two books! How unfair! That means I would go for days on end without a good book to read. Of course I wanted to be Nancy Drew.
Fast-forward to the time I opened a new, used & rare bookshop in the 90s. Gary Wheelock offered me the opportunity to meet a Nancy Drew author! WOW! Until then I had no clue that the stories were written by multiply writers. Carolyn Keene was the listed author on the cover of all the series. I went straight to the internet to do some research. Edward Stratemeyer created the series as a female counterpart to the Hardy Boys series.
Well, as least I would have the thrill of meeting one of the esteemed authors. Feeling like a 50 year old groupie I joined Gary in the visit. Some thrill! She was a miserable, unhappy woman who felt no pleasure, no pride in being the writer of the few books about Nancy Drew that she wrote, that were adored by millions of girls. It devastated me. A numbness settled on me. All my happy images of Nancy Drew and all they entailed slapped out of me by this empty woman.
Time passed as I realized that there were many other authors that I could still look up to with anticipation of meeting them. And I have. No more Nancy Drew authors, but there you have it.

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    1. I have since met some wonderful authors that delighted in their work and loved their readers. I’ve even gone to NYC, stood in line with over 100 people to meet and talk briefly with Vikram Seth. Bill Dwyer of Mercerville NJ was a darling of a man. Gracious even when his health was deteriorating rapidly. A friend took me to his house to meet him & his lovely wife. Awesome!

      1. Mother Teresa said do small things with great love. It has become a kind of mantra of my I repeat small things, small things, in a big picture. I use to say one thing at a time. I try to look at the big picture but take small bites dwelling on one small thing. I also try and concentrate and be aware more of happiness. I spent most of my life not really being cognoscenti of happiness or my happiness. It is wonderful and awesome when doing a small thing also can make you and others happy. Mother Teresa now Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

  1. I agree with you on small things…and it took so many years for me realize that happiness is a choice. It’s all in the way I look at a situation. And I’ve learned that the tough parts of my life were for me to learn lessons from.

    1. I started it and formed the border and several sections, then had to put the puzzle away. Will try again next winter. It’s a big puzzle and I have no place to leave it.

  2. What a great story from you about this experience. I am so glad you were not a teenager whose aspirations might have been dashed by this experience.

    This story also goes to show that we all have a story. That story writes on our soul and helps form the person the world sees.

    1. It also gave me a message that I will be cautious and positive with anyone who approaches me about my chosen career as a writer. I try to encourage all who show interest. Of course I also strongly encourage everyone to write their own stories. No one else can tell it better or truer than you.

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