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Another June is Over, Thankfully

Each year June comes along, as always, right after May ends. It is a reflective month for me. Two of my sons and my beloved Angelo all transitioned to the next plane in June. In different years, on different dates, in different ways. They are always with me and show up in my today life but it is their physical presence that I miss. As time moves on, you would think that I would miss them less but the opposite is true. Maybe it’s because I am less busy, or at least busy in a different way, and have more thoughts I’d like to discuss with each of them. It is what it is and important to always move forward but looking back at a memory is okay, too.

Do you have someone you miss?

L – R Kenny, Guy, Ralph, Bret in 1966

Angelo, Me dancing 1982 at the Elks

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