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What if? What if? Many images arise from those two small words. This writing group of women has shared their dreams, thoughts and stories from over the years for you to enjoy, smile and maybe bring a tear of happiness as you read. Some of the stories and poetry in the anthology come from writing prompts and some from personal stories that needed to be written. What if . . . can suggest regrets, missed opportunities and longing for what could have been. It can also bring gratefulness that you didn’t take the other choice. Only time passed can give you those answers. $10.

What it is to be a Woman, an anthology An anthology of women on fire! A collection of women coming from all directions of life, aflame to reveal who they are and how they came to be today’s woman! Women’s stories aired for the first time, in print, defiantly, daring you to challenge their choices in life whether they continue a contented life at home tending a happy family or strike out into the wilderness. The modern women of today lived more widely divergent lives than history has shown before. We are living longer with more freedom and taken advantage of a freedom to change oppressive lives to ones that blossomed us into beauties. $15.

Ghosts Along the Border, from the afterlife
arlene bice ghosts along the border bookHave you ever wondered about the end? Is it the end? Your loved ones really can send a message to you. And they do. Stories here come straight from the heart of those who have had messages and are sharing them with you so you will know for sure. Is there life after life? Yes! Life and love goes on, it doesn’t die. It does reincarnate. Have you ever met someone you liked immediately and didn’t know why? Have you met before? Maybe in a previous life…

True stories are published here for you to learn from the experiences of others.


Ghosts of Bordentown
Footsteps on the stairs, a fierce man in a bowler hat, a telephone that rings, Victorian dinner parties, a grandmother who saves lives, a little girl with a candle, an animal lover; these and more. Read the true stories told by the residents of Bordentown, New Jersey who saw, heard, felt. . .what? The bonds of living that tie one to a particular place, person, or thing. $15 o/p

Haunted Bordentown
History has left its imprint on Bordentown, New Jersey and its past lives in the form of ghosts. Is the ghost of Clara Barton supervising the cleaning of the school house she founded? Who is the crying woman in the secret room next to the Quaker Meeting House on Farnsworth Avenue? A former king, heroes, youngsters, and oldsters-they are all here. These authentic stories told by people who lived the experiences are written so we don’t forget them. $15 (AMAZON)

Life & Labyrinth
Past, Present, and Future. It’s all here. This memoir is in the form of short stories and poetry. Experiences of travel, of growing up, even a story or two of a ghostly spirit and a letter to a future child not born yet. $17 (revised) (AMAZON)

Major Fraser’s
Major Fraser’s begins in the Scotland of old, blossoms in the new, budding country that becomes the USA after passions burst into fierce fighting of the Revolutionary War, then travels to South Carolina and eventually into the France of Napoleon III and home again. Reading Major Fraser’s is like finding an old trunk full of letters unfolding the lives of long forgotten relatives. It’s a book of early Bordentown where the imprint of those lives still remain. $15 o/p (AMAZON)

Ghostly Spirits Warren County, NC & Beyond
A candle in the window, a man who walks through walls, a woman from long ago. . .peek into the personal stories of hauntings from those who wish to remain in their place on earth instead of going forward into the after-life. As time progresses and changes are made, some spirits remain as they were, forever. $15 (AMAZON)

Living with Ghosts, true first-hand stories of New Jersey
Bordentown has provided a comfortable home and hearth for so many that never wanted to leave it. And many have not. Stories of ghosts seen, or felt, or heard in this book are varied. Native American names pop up, cats leap across tables, and the devil roams around a secluded house. The reports come from everyday people having extraordinary experiences. $15 (AMAZON)

Afternoon Crowd, a memoir in narrative poetry
Tending bar in the 1970s at the American House Tavern created clear images of keen observations of all the people in movement around the author. Many of her customers came from the horse racing industry that thrived in and around the town. She passes stories on to you, creating laughter, a bit of sadness, and maybe a touch of nostalgia for the good ole days. The American House went from pool table to serious dining, to live entertainment, and parties to be remembered by anyone in attendance. The book is revealing and honestly written. $10 (AMAZON)

Nosegay of Violets, a writer’s memoir of psychic awakening
An ordinary girl grows into womanhood while experiencing extraordinary moments. A very personal story unravels as Bice reveals a life lived full of secrets. After years of keeping notes about strange things that happened to her, the author shares her story, hoping it will help someone else who has questions with no answers. $15 (AMAZON)

Simply Put, a collection of poetry
Bice uses the written word and the vehicle of poetry to share the many experiences that she has gone through over the years. She meets challenges and changes, taking notes and filling journal after journal about life by digging deep inside to see what is there. This is the joy she wants others to experience, too. She hopes to open minds, absorbing words that sometimes come from family and loved ones who have passed over. $10 (AMAZON)


Originally known as Farnsworth’s Landing, Bordentown was settled in 1682 by Quaker Thomas Farnsworth. A natural hub of transportation for its key location on the Delaware River between Philadelphia and New York City, Bordentown flourished in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Internationally known artists, writers, and inventors called Bordentown home; industry thrived; and many private schools, including Bordentown Military Institute, were highly rated. As residents do today, the people of early Bordentown took great pride in their city. Two hundred vintage photographs. $20 (AMAZON)

Bordentown Revisited
This book highlights the memorable growth of an area located at the kink of the Delaware River. The city of Bordentown and neighboring Fieldsboro share a stretch of riverfront, and that waterfront location brought them great prosperity during the industrial years. $20 (AMAZON)

New Egypt & Plumsted Township
This book is a collection of unique vintage photographs, many of which have never before been published. Beginning with Quaker Clement Plumstead of London, who was granted twenty-seven hundred acres in 1699, this history shows the progression of the township to the mid-1900s. $20 (AMAZON)


Bordentown Post Cards
w/Patti DeSantis
A picture book of the postcards printed about Bordentown for over 100 years. The newer ones represented, are the motels and restaurants in the township. The late Patti DeSantis and I collaborated to bring you another book about our beloved town for their Postcard History Series. $25 (AMAZON)


Insights/Outsights: a Chapbook
Monday Morning Writers
Maggie Chalifoux * Charlene Ellington * Arlene Benden Enos * Joyce Lindenmuth * Ellie Newbauer * Arlene Sandra Bice
We gather as women writers, seeking a way of expressing our thoughts and feelings. You read our prose and poems revealing the heart of the inner woman. Know that our words show our growth for we are ever changing, evolving, becoming stronger and more beautiful. Enjoy reading the stories within as we have enjoyed writing them. $10

Seasons: An Anthology
Monday Morning Writers
Maggie Chalifoux * Charlene Ellington * Arlene Benden Enos * Joyce Lindenmuth * Ellie Newbauer * Arlene Sandra Bice
Poetry and prose from six women writers that reveal who they are and what they think in response to prompts given at each meeting. City walks and country strolls lead the reader down a path into another life leaving words behind like leaves fallen from a tree.. These words are for all ages to read and enjoy. $10