More on the Captain

Captain Before the Move

As soon as I brought the frozen food in from the car and into the fridge, I settled down. I called my friend to tell her about the Captain. She said he had been there every day coming out of the woods at feeding time. She continued that he looked the same, meaning he had not lost any weight in the 4 days he’d been there. So who greeted me and ran the Captain’s usual routine? And how did he know? Ghost cat? Double? Split? I would swear it was the Captain. You make up your own mind.

He remains at my friend’s, happy to have her following his feeding schedule. He adjusted. Finally, so did I.

Now I have time to wonder why I brought so much stuff! Boxes of stuff that would go into the attic if I lived in a big, ole’ house. But I don’t. My kids sure don’t want it. They are building their own memories. I start with Mom’s pictures and keepsakes. I don’t know most of the people in those photos taken in the 20s, 30s and 40s. Out they go. Hard to do but I do it. Feeling a little guilty, especially as a writer, but I do it. I carry them in my head and in my heart. I do not need to look at them and I didn’t from year to year anyway. It is hard to do but I do it.

Next to go are the letters, boxes of them, some from 50 years ago. Some from my brother Albert who lived in Mexico and then Puerto Rico for 50 years. Out. Some from my son Kenny while he was in the Navy. Some from family members and friends who were away for one reason or another. Out. Out. I enjoyed reading the cards I kept, still kept a couple; tossed the majority. Gone. Hard. I love the cards I’ve received over the years.

Twelve boxes of books that I have no place for and really no longer need to surround me are still piled up in front of me. It will take a little longer to take them to Goodwill which is right up the street from me. They are heavy so I’ll need to take them out in small bags up the long path to my car at the end of the parking lot, for the next 4 years. Well, maybe it won’t take that long.

Cats, Moving Away

I’m In!

the Captain

Well, I’m in. The move I thought was well planned, especially for a non-planner, was not easy. I had arranged for the wifi guy to be at my new apartment for the afternoon when I would be unpacking. Hah! The movers didn’t come until after 10 a.m.! I expected to be pulling out of town by then. They were quick and strong and easily picked up the heavy boxes of books. Since I had to leave before 11 to be in Farmville by 12, I left instructions on what to take and what to leave for the new owners. He had already taken what I gave to him for his store. I planned to return the next day to empty the refrigerator and freezer. The cleaning team was scheduled for Saturday.

 The movers did a fine job of bringing my stuff in and placing it where I directed. It was hot and they had to bring my stuff down a full flight of exterior stairs. They were good and finished by 4:30.  At 5 pm I panicked! The wifi guy had not come! I called immediately but 5:03 was too late! I missed the call from him while I waited in the empty apartment! Oh, no! Darn. Darn. Darn it!

The next day I scrambled. At the wifi office I pleaded. I knew it was my fault. The lady had squeezed me in a busy schedule (university kids returning and all needed wifi) and I goofed. No go until Monday. I would be waiting for him on Monday. . . closing day.

I didn’t get back to the house until Saturday. As I pulled into the carport the Captain ran up to meet me like he always did! He was thinner! What was he doing here! How did he get here! He was supposed to be 20 miles away, enjoying his new home, the forest and his new mistress! He was all over me, into the car and out again, ran ahead of me, ran through the house when I opened the door, like he did every morning when I fed him. He ran around outside the house and up on the front porch peeking in the storm door like he always did. He was replaying our daily life.

I couldn’t fuss, too much to do. Upset or not, I had work to do.

Then I spotted the dining room full of stuff that should have been moved. I told the movers all the furniture stayed in this room but there was a lot of other stuff that they overlooked! Mis-understanding.  I tried to get it all into my car but my car is a small one. I was running high on being upset. Frustrated. The cleaners came and got busy doing their job. I emptied the freezer, no room for the refrigerator stuff. I explained to the cleaner who does not speak English, to empty the refrigerator and take the contents for herself if she wanted it, but leave the bottle of bubbly wine for the new owners. She nodded her head, yes, yes. I paid her fee and left extremely upset over the Captain and over things I couldn’t take with me. My friend communicated with him and he understood all that was happening. He said he loved it there, had been happy and was staying even if I couldn’t be there. He said he would be alright.

 I cried the entire hour 10 minutes driving to my new home worrying about the Captain.