Standing Stones

Standing Stones

It was the standing stones that drew me to Avebury, England, the tiniest of villages. This is the center of a circle of standing stones ala Stonehenge, whose residents live daily with the magic of prehistoric mystery. But visitors are not blocked off by a fence as at Stonehenge. During my last visit there I stayed overnight at the Red Lion Inn which is haunted by Florrie and a few other ghosts.

Excitement rumbled through me as I checked into the Inn, securing my room reservation. I could barely wait to go across the road, to feel the stones with my hands. I ignored the sheep droppings as much as possible in this meadow they called home.

The stones are massive. I backed up against one, snuggled in tightly so the magic of this rough stone would enter my body, closing my eyes to feel the full sensation.


 I Wait 

The mist hovers

between mammoth boulders of Avebury

like time between my past loves

now turned to stone.


The sheep graze

around me as freely as the thoughts

circling around in my head,

but with more peace.


I travel this magical area

of England, my last beloved, missed,

seeking solace of him,

the finest of them all.


The mist remains

softening the earth, cushioning the path,

shadows forming

like vague memories.


The mystic Merlin

comes toward me out of the distance

arms outstretched

exuding welcome.


I raise my arms

in answer, relieved, ready to follow,

to unite again

on the other side.


Then he quietly

begins to fade

the echo reaches my ears.

Not yet.  .  .  .  not yet.

© Arlene S. Bice, 2008


sevenling poetry

Sevenlings came to me from Jyoti Wind who got them via Writers Market, posted by Robert…… formed by Roddy Lumsden as part of a teaching exercise, who originally read a structured poem by the late Anna Akhmatova. I hope I have that all right. J.P. Dancing Bear figures in there somewhere. When I Googled his name I came up with a whole new (to me) poet to read, explore, absorb, learn.

Two of My Poetry Sevenlings-

A Sevenling (He loved going)

He loved going to
The horse races, dog track
And the casino.

He hated reading,
The theatre
And libraries.

He married a writer.

A Sevenling (He changed my cooking)

He changed my cooking to Italian
Using good garlic, fresh yellowy lemons,
Extra virgin olive oil.

Then he took me out to
The Bierhaus, the Peking Palace
And Paula Deen’s.

His Italian taste buds disappeared.


These are the rules as I understand them. Correct any of this if it needs doing. A seven line poem split into three stanzas.

The first stanza consists of three lines; need three elements connected somehow, can be contrasting.

The second stanza is also three lines with the same rules as the first stanza.

The third stanza is one line kind of like a punch-line, a touch of irony perhaps.

No title needed but if used, should include the leading line words.

The overall poem is to encourage the reader to think and respond.



PurpleStone Press Newsletter Ezine Apology

My apology to all received my first PurpleStone Press Newsletter without actually having it attached to the email. If you are one of those and would like to read it, please send me an email and I will send the Newsletter to you. Guess I just got so caught up in putting the Newsletter together that I overlooked the mechanics of emailing it out.

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The PurpleStone Press Newsletter will contain items, news and articles on books, stories, life quirks, the paranormal, and other bits of interest to inquisitive readers.


Ghostly Spirits of Warren County, NC & Beyond

Yeah! It is finally here! Now you can read personal stories from those who have met ghosts and experienced the supernatural. Local legends are in there. Stories brought to the Lake Gaston area by people you may know are included. You can read about the book and excerpts from it at this location:

I don’t have them in hand yet, but my order is on the way. Check it out on the Booklocker website to get the first copies available.


Women Friendships

I began reading through my old journals looking for references to psychic moments and experiences I’ve had over the years, researching for my next manuscript. I found wonderful memories of times spent with the best of women friends. I found what I was looking for and so much more.

I grew up in what was an all boy neighborhood until I was about 9 years old. I had two brothers, our dog and cat were both males. I married while still a teenager, had four sons, a male dog and a husband who was a mason contractor. This means that I was surrounded by men showing up to go to work or showing up on Fridays for their pay envelope which I had prepared because I set up appointments for estimates and did all the paperwork it takes to run a business.

When the marriage fell apart after 15 years, I worked in fields dominated by men, i.e. wholesale liquor sales rep, bartender, real estate sales followed by real estate appraiser and then a new, used and rare bookseller. All men dominated fields at the time. In the early years I was usually working two jobs sometimes three to keep the bills paid and the kids fed. Who had time for women friendships? Not me.

But time passes and when all those struggle years passed too, I went off into a different direction. I fulfilled my desire to be a writer not realizing that I was always a writer who just had not written anything. It was a woman, InSuk who must have seen that in me and pushed me in the right direction. I will always remember her even though I have not seen her in many years.

So my wonderful women friends first came to me first through my bookshop then through my pen. Well, I also write on my computer. But came they did. Thanks to my years attending the annual conference of the International Women Writers’ Guild I now have women friends from various parts of our country and a few from Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. Who knows? Next I may make friends with women from Asia, Australia and South America. The world is open to me.


Ghost Loving Home

There are times when a person passes away but their spirit remains with the house. Possibly this is because he loved the house so much that he cannot bear to leave it. He remains out of sight as long as the family he loved remains there. Time passes and the family with it, either from dying off or moving away. The house is sold or rented to strangers and ghostly activity begins. After all, the spirit lived in the house when alive and for many years after it was no longer ‘alive’. He may consider the house still his and wonder who these new people are living in his house.

Some ghosts like the newcomers and remain quiet. Others seem to be unhappy with the new people and are just letting them know that the house is really theirs. As long as you respect that fact, you will get along fine. This situation happened in “People and Their Ghosts” Ann Herbert’s story in the “Ghostly Spirits of Warren County, NC & Beyond” the title itself tells where these things are happening or at least have happened. The book will be available shortly.



Ghostly Visits

It really is quite common for a newly passed away person to stop for a final visit with a loved one, or even just a casual acquaintance. Whether it is a parting kiss or a message saying that all is okay or a peek at someone they wanted to see in real life and had not, is a query. But common it is and I do not consider this a haunting or a sign that a ghost is coming to stay in your house.

Also it sometimes happens that a person passes away and does not realize it. As in Ghosts of Bordentown Gay states “Mom, it’s the strangest thing. I wake up and hear sounds of someone brushing their teeth.” The former, elderly owner of the house took to the habit of brushing her teeth in bed after she broke her hip. Apparently she didn’t realize at first, that she passed away. This faded after a time.

The same situation occurs in “Spirit Doesn’t Know She Is Dead” Heidi’s Story coming up in Ghostly Spirits in Warren County, NC & Beyond. Apparently some take a little longer to realize they aren’t on the earth plane anymore.