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The Eyes of Writers & Artists

Finding a subject to write about comes from the many different things that we look at. It is the seeing what we look at and putting it into words that that makes us writers; like an artist sees objects differently than those who are not artists. They see the greens, yellows, pinks, and blues in a tree trunk where the average person may see only a brown tree trunk.

During a recent writing group session Maggie Chalifoux brought in a couple of her abstract paintings and we all wrote very different responses to them. Our various responses came from seeing the same painting but bringing our own experiences and inner thoughts to the writing piece. This is the poem I wrote to explain what I saw.

Life Magic Through My Eyes
(inspired by a Maggie Chalifoux abstract painting)

As the mist rises up
droplets float down
the world responds
with motion and life
as seasons change

one feeding the other
waters lap the shore
birthing trees and greenery
creating movement
of days into night

wrapping the earth like
Mother Nature’s loving arms.
Arlene S. Bice ©2013

*** I recently received notice of the new website listed here of a long-time friend, Jyoti Wind, who is an experienced astrologer, shaman, published writing leader and homeopathic consultant. Please check out her website if any of these subjects appeals to you.

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The Muse as Cat

Some have a muse
I have Mz Lizzie
this cat
will come for me
if I am not at my PC
hunting the house
for me
then nudging
nudging my calf
Come on! It is time to write!
she tells me
with her eyes

her head bumps me
let’s go!
I smile at her
completing the chore
that is keeping my hands

this cat is relentless
bump, bump,
nudge, nudge
finally I give in
okay, okay
off we go
Mz Lizzie at my ankle
the PC chirps from slumber
Lizzie settles on the table
at my elbow
contented, her job
well done

As a post script here is a link for Louie Schwartz at TED:

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Write Down Your Story

After being away several months writing, and re-writing, and re-writing the final pages in my latest manuscript, IT’S PERSONAL, I’m back to blogging again. Hope you will return with me.




We all have stories. They are all over. Each item in this picture has a story i.e. the paintings on the wall, the settee, Lizzie cleaning herself on the settee, the afghan, the pillow. You get the idea.
Even the house/apartment we live in, the utensils used in the kitchen, a particular set of clothes that hangs in your closet. Stories are everywhere. The writer is the one who thinks about that story then writes it down to share it with others.
These stories that are tucked way back in our minds often explain what we do and how we do it. They are the events that shaped our personalities that guide the way we do things. Bringing a story out of the treasure box into the light can be joyful but it can be painful, too. If you write about the painful one, even if you burn it afterwards, you can help alleviate that pain.
So do it. Write down your story.