Day 30 ~ write something that returns ~

Spring Returns ~ arlene s bice

new life happens, year after year

Summer heat weakens my knees

struggles, disappointments, rejections

Autumn comes over the horizon

warning of what is ahead, life is dying

leaves turning dark red, brown

goals not met, bumps in the road

Winter arrives on schedule, cold

snowy winds blow through my coat

bleak, despair, gloomy, failure

ah, nothing died, just a cozy sleep

a returning Spring lightens my step

as the ocean wave meets the shore

my heart, bursts with love and life

new challenges awaken my senses

Spring returns eternally!


Day 29! about a pet…cats reading

Books & Cats ~ arlene s bice

Violet & Daisy of the Magical Bookshop

in Cascade Springs, New York

have their tuxedo cat, Emerson

Darla of the Black Cat Bookshop

in Brooklyn, New York

has her pure black Hamlet

Charlie Harris good-natured librarian

in Athena, Missisippi

has his rescued Maine Coon cat

Minnie Hamilton of the Bookmobile

cruises in Chilson, Michigan

with her rescue cat Eddie

even literary agent Jane Stuart

in the  New York publishing world

has her tortoiseshell cat Winky

By the Book @ U & I Gift Shop

in Bordentown, New Jersey

lived Jane & Lizzie Bennet

charming namesake sisters of

Pride & Prejudice fame

Jane, a black & white Manx

with no tail & high haunches

 also called a Lady because

she was, tho adventurous

a huntress, clever, smart

v-e-r-y smart

younger sister Lizzie,  tiny calico

walked delicately like a ballerina

purred as the perfect feminine feline

born with a two inch tail, kinked

opted who she cozied up to

both rescued cats of feral mom & dad

loved being in the display window of books

delighted the early morning walkers

basking in the cooing and ah-h-h ing

never disturbed or knocked over a book

loved to lay on the newspaper i was reading

curled up in front of the faux fireplace in

the reading area of the bookshop

amazed at the Christmas decorations

throughout, never broke an ornament

careful, appreciative, loving, content

sad to leave it all behind, yet looking

forward to a new adventure in

Macon, North Carolina, happy to be

where i was, big windows to watch

the deer, rabbits, fox, turkeys

still surrounded by books & art

filling the walls, a real fireplace

to curl up in front of, house

 spirits to play with,  a new life to live

more than pets, we talked together

i read to them, they purred in answers

we ate together, slept in the same big bed

even saw spirits moving through our home.


Day 28 ~ about a past bedroom

The Bedroom of My Youth ~ arlene s bice

the wood floor was painted barn red

a bureau with a mirror stood

where the door opened into it

facing the double windows

showing the tree growing

my brother Albert planted

a chair with wooden arms

sat in front of the windows

my single bed lay along the wall

to the right

a huge black & white panda bear

occupied my bed all day

waiting for me to snuggle at night

a small closet, they were all small

in those days

opened next to the bed

the panda bear was outgrown

replaced by a collection of horses

ceramic mostly, in various poses

bought with babysitting money

young movie star pictures

James Dean, Sal Mineo,

Tony Curtis, Robert Wagner

taped on the wallpaper

the summer I was 12

my mother took in a 5 year old boy

to earn money, times were tough

he moved into my room

i moved in with Mom

i lasted 2 months

i fussed & fumed

wanted my own room

needed my own room

got my own room back

whew! i had growing up to do.


Day 27 ~How to Review. . . arlene s bice

no one reviews a book ere it is read

or a movie before it is over

or a dinner prior to eating it

so how to review a year after only

a quarter of it completed

a challenge for certain

where will we go from here

the year started out promising

2020 rolls over the tongue

a fine sounding year

anticipations at high level

before diving into novel coronavirus

COVID 19, scary words

fear abounds, jobs lost

families devastated, left weeping

where do we go from here

there are always positives

coming out of negatives

water is cleaner, air is purer

a note to powers in high places

will you let go of your greed

will you bring in safer ways

keep the earth healthy

let goodness overcome money

let remaining peoples live

true progress is in your hands

a challenge for certain.


Day 26 ~ And Now I am Here ~ arlene s bice

as i stand in front of a blank canvas

brush in hand, palette on the other

crepe myrtles in bloom outside my window

my mind turns inward, dreaming of

a gentle, rainy day, glistening lilacs in blossom

along the bricked lane leading to home

my Queen Anne, brilliant in various shades

of peach, burgundy, and dark green trims

the turret proudly upward, announcing

welcome from round windows i love

my travels are ending, at least for a time

graffiti seen on the wall in Brussels

shouted to me Go Home! in big letters

taken as a personal sign to me, listen

my heart told me, listening i am

after finding a shiny penny in the park

a sure sign of a loved one, passed over

sending me a message, listen, listen

like lyrical music filling my soul

a letter received only yesterday

left me mournful, anxious to leave

the joys and treasures of traveling,

forever yours it was signed, told me

unhappiness lay ahead, answers needed

could not be found here, time to depart

and now i am here.


Day 25

Day 25

I Need a Book to Read   arlene s bice

(French Pantoum)

i browse the bookshelf for a book to read

waiting for one to pull my hand

any Jane Austen book  is a yearly visit

like going to where Grandma lives

waiting for one to pull my hand

maybe a British cozy mystery is better

like going to where Grandma lives

in an old village full of books in Wales

maybe a British cozy mystery is better

any Jane Austen book is a yearly visit

in an old village full of books in Wales

i browse the bookshelf for a book to read.


Day 24 – write about a fruit

The image reflects the poem.


Let’s Go Bananas!  arlene s bice

bananas are a versatile fruit

great for eating that’s true

full of potassium, healthy

easy to grab one

slip it into your tote

to take on your route

wherever you’re going

why is it the butt of a joke

does anybody know

it is elongated, slender

greenish turns to yellow

as ripened, not a funny color

easy to peel, give it a poke

slice it or dice it, eat it whole

let’s go bananas some do say

meaning to let loose

let your hair down

let it all hang out

whatever is good for you

at night or during the day

just do it, eat bananas!


Day 23 – write a poem about a particular letter of the alphabet

The Letter U ~ arlene s bice

this remarkable letter embraces you

yet leaves space to breathe

it’s lucky, like a horseshoe

holding all the good luck in

not tipping to pour out

it’s a complete word, you

pronounced with just

one letter

if you filled it with liquid

you could drink from it

like a cup

you can hold it in your hand

like a tulip

bringing beauty to you

how lucky can one letter get.


Day 22 ~prompt of idiom-avere gli occhi foderati di prociutto (Italian) to have one’s eyes lined with ham = can’t see the wood for the trees –

Can’s See ~arlene s bice

frustrating, it’s frustrating

to not see what someone else

is saying

my focus is strong

i’m so intent

zeroed in

nothing else exists

it’s easy to not see

what someone else

is pointing out to me

when showing someone else

what i see

and they cannot

i wonder

it’s so obvious

how can they not see

what i’m showing them

it just glares at me.


Day 21 It’s Time ~ arlene s bice

Day 21 

It’s Time ~ arlene s bice

the world has reduced in size

since i was a child

even more since the pandemic


people in countries foreign

to the USA

speak multiple languages

easier to share friendliness

offer hospitality

regardless of a language


it’s time our children learn


other than English

we are One in the world

let us erase misunderstanding


with all.