NaPoWriMo-day 30-YAY!

photo-Brendan Church-unsplash-Thanks!

Directions – arlene s bice (c)

Did you just stop this person and say. . ?

let me tell you the easier, short-cut way

walk up this street until you see the bay

make a left and you’ll see a huge pile of hay

that’s where you, don’t let the police see, you jay

walk across the street, remember you need to stay

on that side, it’s shadier for you, so you may

then walk a block or two, maybe it’s three, and, pay

close attention, hear me now, you’ll turn left, nay

I think you go right, look up high above the fence for a ray

as large as your grandfather’s painted-red winter sleigh

on the billboard, that’s it! you will be in the right sway

have a grand day!


NaPoWriMo-day 29

Imagine a window looking into a place or onto a particular scene. 

arlene s bice (c)

Mr. Cristofaro was a sculptor

of tombstones only I thought

but no, revealed now to me

a larger than life size sculpture

his interpretation of

Marines raising the

American flag on Iwo Jima


NaPoWriMo-day 28

photo-sophie elvis-unsplash. thanks

arlene s bice ©

so, what’s up today?

why are you so glum?

did someone pass away?

did you lose a chum?

I can tell by your face

something awful took place

want to talk about it?

come, sit down for a bit

tell me what affects you so

and I can stay with you, or go.


NaPoWriMo-day 27

photo Jon Tyson-unsplash. thanks

arlene s bice (c)

no title

It’s just getting too late 

for any longer of a wait

I must get on with my day

wondering what is the delay

hoping nothing has gone wrong

perhaps memory lapse like an old song

that you carry the memorable tune

sing a word here and there but soon

lose the whole gist of the melody

and wind up singing a parody.


NaPoWriMo-day 26

photo by Mick Haupt-Unsplash

write a parody

The Cat is not in the Hat

© asb

Why should the cat be in the hat

Questioned Dr. Sprat

Who happened to house twenty

Cats at home, that’s plenty

He stated, but not one of them

Has a serious, unwanted problem

So they aren’t sent into a corner

Like Jack ‘plum pudding’ Horner

Instead they roam around at will

Loving life, their own shoes to fill.


NaPoWriMo-day 24

Cat Came Back

arlene s bice ©

Long ago on the Isle of Wight

Black cat Jess, at 3 years height

Disappeared from a garden loop

Found/Comforted the Ryde House Group

Assisted living folks needed the cheer

known as Tibby, Jess gave it for 14 year

Slowing down, Starting to grey, no more zip

Off to the shelter he went, scanned for a chip

Returned to a surprised Ms Bateman

Who still loved/ missed and gave him

The cat came back home needing some care

Time didn’t fade love from his home’s pair.


NaPoWriMo-day 21

arlene s bice

A few steps can be a walk

A few walks can fill a block

A few blocks can fill a mile

A few miles can cross a town

A few towns can cross a state

A few states can cross a country

A country crossed is the ocean An ocean stepped into may drown.