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Day 15 ProlificPulse Mo Po: passage of time and the inevitability of aging.

As Time Passes© arlene s bice

So I see it my way as I’ve always done
not aging so much as ripening, maturing
as the fruit on the tree, tomato on the plant
coming to a fullness, adding experiences,
knowledge I didn’t know was incomplete
working toward, not perfection, a peak
level off, live more on memories made
now that quieter ones come along or
maybe I’m selective of time used
ahh, I love the memories I kept.

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Day 14 ProlificPulse Mo Po: poem of wanderlust and adventure.

photo by Danny b-unsplash

It’s True © arlene s bice

At birth it was obvious to Mom
this is the one whose destiny is
to soar, to seek, to blossom with
travel; an adventure gene glowed
like a brilliant star shining within
you will mingle with others, it said
of different ethnic customs, beliefs
you will taste foods of many people
create friendships; gather knowledge
you will form friendships from afar

it’s true, it began early in life, a joy
it remains deep in my heart still
it’s restlessness, a wandering mind
feet itchy with sand-filled shoes
a thirst for ever more, again, again

writing it down may bring content
there, I did that, been there, next?

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Day 13 ProlificPulse Mo Po: explore the relationship between humanity and nature.

photo by michael krahn

Into the Forest © arlene s bice

In childhood, my forest was a Woods
more than a copse of trees less than a forest
nestled between two developed pieces of land
a special place that I walked, later rode my bike
five blocks, climb a tree, cozy myself in a union
sometimes lucky to find no one else thereabouts
read a comic book from my back pocket
the big boys off playing chosen action games
beyond my size, age, and being a girl

ah, it planted a seed, a memory of warmth
where comfort is found in the arms of a tree

it is still there; I drive to a nearby state park
a forest much larger; I don’t climb trees anymore
but find a fallen log or stump of an old one
bring out my sketch pad or lined journal
pencil or pen in hand soaking up peace,
tranquility, restoration of self slowly comes
a ray of sunlight may filter through the trees
rustle of dry leaves and crickets are chorus
birds quiet, waiting to see what I will do

the magic of Mother Nature, still works.

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Day 12 ProlificPulse Mo Po: a dream you’ve had in vivid detail through poetry.

Dreaming the House of Change © arlene s bice

Repeatedly, it began with my house
of early setting in
back wall completely blown away,
rooms crooked, uneven,
reconstruction not working,
a ramp leading to entrance
weatherbeaten, life beaten
a vision of my marriage

this repetitive dream alerted me
change was coming
it did, each time.

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Day 11 ProlificPulse Mo Po: Capture the essence of a specific season or time of year in your poem.

Can it Be © arlene s bice

Along the roadsides dressed with hangings of wisteria
bunched together turning drab trees of sticks and bones
into scenes of beauty, heavy in the air is the musky scent,
it wafts in the window as I whizz by the fields, now green
never too busy am I, to ignore often passed over charm
can you possibly not feel or know the season revealed

Photo by Annie Spratt=unsplash

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Day 10 ProlificPulse Mo Po: a poem inspired by a work of art.

Albo’s Strauss Waltz© arlene s bice

‘twas a painting, a print really
in my Mediterranean dining room
hung over my stereo console
back in the early days
married, becoming an adult

a perfect union, one glance
created music in my head
dropped down to my heart
while the stereo was off
impossible to be sad, silent

added life to a dinner party
gaiety before mellowness
circled the table formally set
guests mentally share a waltz
strangers became friends.

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Day 9 ProlificPulse Mo Po: Explore the theme of identity and self-discovery in a poem.

Who Am I © arlene s bice

Born as one person
transformed into another
by experiences, by love
by people who wandered
into my life, stayed, and
those who didn’t

I am the girl who refused
to remain in the mold
crashed through barriers
painful as it was, marked
hidden scars stay hidden
only results show

a name that identifies me
changed by marriage
changed again
returned to the original
feels good, comfortable
like coming home

the true self, the girl
is not to be hidden
she is still there.

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Day 8 ProlificPulse Mo Po: poem that centers around an encounter between two people shouldn’t really have ever met because

Stranger than . . . ©arlene s bice

I looked up to see him
across the crowded room
his eyes were set, baiting me

my aunt’s favorite tune
Some Enchanted Evening slid
into my mind, ran round and round

I slowly shook my head
to clear it, no help there at all
how could it be, I wondered aloud

as he crossed the room abuzz
low murmurs floating in the air
coming closer, eyes never leaving

mine until he was inches from me
glistening, burning into mine, all afire
What are you doing here, I whispered.

You are supposed to be 3,000 miles
away, I said. Not so, he huskily replied.
You are supposed to be 3,000 miles away.

And the years fell away. We were back at the beginning.

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

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Day 7 ProlificPulse Mo Po: a poem that celebrates the beauty of everyday objects

Photo by Farhad Ibrahimzade on Unsplash

Downsizing© arlene s bice

It’s time, trim the sails, a last move, for sure
gone, the Toulouse Lautrec dinner set for eight

no need, daily life is different from ever before
changes are made, my new life settled by fate

adore the fancy new dishes, two of each design
cooking, eating less, use only luncheon plates

adjust, make life easier, all worked out fine
it’s fun to wash this crockery, they’re so pretty

and placed on the table with a glass of wine
next to the flatware, a journal, a book so witty.

love, Memoir, Poetry

Day 6 ProlificPulse Mo Po: feeling of falling in love through metaphor and imagery

Photo by Vanessa Serpas on Unsplash

It’s been a Long Time Since © arlene s bice

The lightness of walking, feet above the ground
as musical notes flitter around in your head
like butterflies
oh, yes I remember

impossible to keep a stoid, straight expression
smiles bubble over, announcing love to the universe
without saying a word
oh, yes, I remember

like a brush to an artist creating at a blank canvas
colors, movement, joy will burst off the surface
no effort at all
oh, yes, I remember

when that ethereal feeling of being in love is new
before tarnish, before tragedies, before the world
or the families try to tear you apart
is a time to build a steadiness, a fortress that lasts
a time to bond and let no one else enter your world
oh, yes, I remember.